Angelina Jolie Takes on New Twist on Sleeping Beauty

"Maleficent" actress talks about her latest role, how her life has changed after surgery.
3:15 | 05/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Angelina Jolie Takes on New Twist on Sleeping Beauty
Right now, Angelina Jolie at the top of our "Heat index." She's giving a new twist on "Sleeping beauty." And I got to talk about a lot of things, about the movie, about her surgery, and what life will be like when she married brad Pitt. It's a fairy tale old as time, with a new twist. Disney's remake of "Sleeping beauty," seen through the eyes of maleficent. Well, well. Reporter: An iconic villain, played by one of our biggest stars. What an awkward situation. Reporter: Angelina Jolie says she was drawn to maleficent, even as a young girl. When I was little, I didn't relate to the princesses. I saw maleficent and thought she was so elegant. You had a great time. But you had to play around with the voice a little bit. I did. I really felt quite distressed in not receiving an invitation. I didn't know what to do with the voice. I would tell my kids stories in different voices. When I did this voice, they couldn't stop laughing. Reporter: Surprisingly, this is Jolie's first film role in four years. But she certainly has not been out of the spotlight. Last may, she candidly shared her courageous decision to undergo preventive double mastectomy, making headlines and changing lives. I remember the cover of "Time" magazine, the Angelina effect, and the effect it's had on women around the country. What effect has that had on you? I didn't know how people would react. Reporter: You were worried about it? A little worried. But I didn't expect it to be so much support. And I was very moved by it. It's connected to me to other families and other women. Now, when I meet people, we don't talk about films, we talk about their children. Or their choices. Or their lives. Reporter: Her frankness on this issue is another example of Jolie using the flame of her stardom to cast a light on global problems. We talked when you were in Washington back in 2005. You spent a day in Washington. I asked you then if you ever would think about going into politics. You said, no. I have way too many skeletons. They are probably all out. It's almost ten years later. Can you reconsider now? If I thought I would be effective, I would. I'm not sure if I would ever be taken seriously in that way and be able to be effective. Reporter: Put a question mark next to politics. As for the wedding plans. I was surprised to see you talk about your kids talking about a possible wedding. What is a paintball wedding? I would have to do that. We don't have a date. We're not hiding it. We talk to the kids about it. And one of them suggested paintball. And we thought, that's different. So, who knows? I think the important thing is whenever we do it, that the kids have a great time. And we take seriously the love and the connection between all of us. But we also get silly and do something memorable. Paintball would be memorable. It would. "Maleficent" opens next Friday, may 30th.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"\"Maleficent\" actress talks about her latest role, how her life has changed after surgery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23809092","title":"Angelina Jolie Takes on New Twist on Sleeping Beauty","url":"/GMA/video/angelina-jolie-takes-twist-sleeping-beauty-23809092"}