Animal Antics With Jack Hanna

Hanna looks back at the best and funniest animal moments from 40 years of 'GMA.'
4:11 | 11/04/15

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Transcript for Animal Antics With Jack Hanna
? go here we go ? A mellow sloth right here helping us celebrate 40 years of "Gma" with the man that's been here for just about all of them, our friend jack Hanna. Director emeritus of the Columbus zoo that's so often brought that zoo to us. Take a look. You did notice there is something on the back of your neck. Yes. For more than 30 years jack Hanna always brings it. The warm and fuzzy. The creepy-crawly. Taking "Gma" to all new heights. Don't move. They mark their territory by urinating. That's why you have a hat on. Are you kidding me? We anchors and correspondents come and go. We're just having so much fun over here. Jack's a constant. On the camel. The more misbehaved the animals were in a spot, the funnier the spot was. This is a Japanese -- They're doing real good. Reporter: Began in 19834 when he joined us to talk about the arrival of twin gorilla babies at the zoo. The beginning of a beautiful friendship. Who is had? Over hundreds of appearances jack introduced us to the tiny and shy. We call them joey. Yes, a little joey kangaroo. The big and noise is. A drama -- Many made us laugh and messed with our hair. They also carry certain diseases that -- Well timed, jack. It is sort of "Dancing with the stars" on my skull. But when jack Hanna is on just talking away and I'm in a struggle with this manic chimpanzee on my head. Proudly. And we will untangle Diane tomorrow. Where they do all sorts of things. So as we mark 40 years all of us at "Gma" say thank you, jack. It wouldn't be "Gma" without you. Hey, buddy. Hey. Jack is right here right now, let's say thank you in person. Yes. You still remember that first day, don't you. You never forget the first day. The first twins born in the Columbus zoo and they filmed them and said can you bring some animals to New York. That would be fun and the ostrich had diarrhea. One time I came here and a cheetah -- we always drove over and I was in the van and I didn't know he urinated backwards and I thought the sprinkler going off and it hit the windshield on the front and had to ride seven more hours with that on me and I could go on and on. Broke a thousand dollar pot and the crane got loose and knocked it over. Wasn't a good first two years. You were the first one to do this. You were the first to bring these animals on television and, yes, it's very entertaining and all the things you said but you primarily want to do it because you want the public be more aware and educate. Jim fowler, Johnny Carson and the girl from San Diego started it and I started doing it but I want to thank "Good morning America" nationally, internationally for bringing the animal world to tens of millions of people over this last 3 years. I get chills knowing what you folks have done to educate people we can't buy with $50 million. What's going on with Amy. She likes bananas. Remember the sars disease, that's where he came from. No, not this animal. This species of animal. Hey. Just offended him. Hi, buddy. From Asia, by the way. I've been giving him a banana. They'll eat anything. My goodness. They'll attack anything. That's a sloth. Sars and attack. Sloth, slowest moving land mammal. Their life is upside down, breed upside down. When your life is upside down that's this animal. Prehistoric sloth -- Make a noise too. They have allergy all over them. Trying to reach out to you, gentlemaning. Thanks for coming in. The little guy that's running around. We lost the penguin. There he goes. Okay. While we look at him, jack, you'll be part of our 40th birthday celebration later this month and counting down to the live stream event that starts November 17th. All 40 hours, we'll be right

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Hanna looks back at the best and funniest animal moments from 40 years of 'GMA.'","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34961037","title":"Animal Antics With Jack Hanna","url":"/GMA/video/animal-antics-jack-hanna-34961037"}