Animator Dad Makes Son's Dreams Come True

DreamWorks artist Daniel Hashimoto brought his son's imagination to life.
3:00 | 03/30/14

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Transcript for Animator Dad Makes Son's Dreams Come True
He is with Lupo. See the connection? Lots of little boys have dreams of becoming super heros, but not everybody has a dad who can make that come true. We told you about James on Friday. His talented father turned his son into a force to be reckoned, and made him an internet sensati sensation. Sara has the story. Such a cute little boy. Adorable. Our parents tell us to dream big, be what you can be, but never more true than with James. Add a kid with a big imagination and a dad with a bigger imagination, and magic happens. Yes! All kids dream of being a character in a favorite movie. I want to be darth vader. But in James' world, it's a reality. Daniel hoshimoto, who's works include how to train your dragon and Kung Fu panda 2, and arguably the best dad ever. This time. Has taken it to a new level. James is an imaginative kid. Pretending to be iron man, I thought it would be fun to make videos of him pretending what he's doing. It's brought in 7 million youtube views. I had no idea it would go viral this quickly. Whether swing like Batman -- destroying a whole Lego world, or avoiding the ever so dangerous puddle, James is one kick-butt super kid. I'm really happy that I stumbled on this particular hobby, because it combines my favorite work mode with my family. And I get to mix them in a fun and entertaining way. Even got a behind the scene's look at the next big adventure. Stop you, bad guys. Get you bad guys. Oh, no, it's the bad guy. Yell so they hear you. And the newest adventure actually includes us. Take a look. Wow. Wow. I've never had very much luck with super heros. Look at the look on your face. Ron, do you even know what's going on? Ron and I were masterminding when our backs turned. That's great. He's really talented. It's neat you have a parent truly encouraging imagination. With electronics they are not using their minds, this kid is encouraged to dream. The puddle was awesome. That was my fear as a kid. I like the one where they rope us. One big and one small. Time for a check of the weather.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"DreamWorks artist Daniel Hashimoto brought his son's imagination to life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23118363","title":"Animator Dad Makes Son's Dreams Come True","url":"/GMA/video/animator-dad-makes-sons-dreams-true-23118363"}