Anthony Anderson Talks About the Success of 'Black-ish'

The star actor discusses his experiences and upcoming episodes.
4:42 | 02/10/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anthony Anderson Talks About the Success of 'Black-ish'
Oh, it's so great to have our friend Anthony Anderson here this morning live. He, of course, needs no introduction but the star of the hit new ABC comedy "Black-ish." Plays Andre Johnson, executive living the idyllic suburban life struggling with assimilation and giving up his family's black roots. Here's a sneak peek of the next episode where he and his wife head off on a big Valentine's day date. Let's just enjoy the night you planned. I'm excited to eat at Fabiano's again. What's that tone? No tone. Just after 15 years I think we've done the hell out of Fabiano's. Well joke's on you. I'm changing it up. We're not going to Fabiano's. Drive 300 feet for Fabiano's cucina. That was programmed from last year. Sure it was. Welcome, Anthony Anderson. Thanks so much for being us with. Thank you for having me back. You were here five months ago on the debut night of the show. Yes. Look at you now. Congratulations, congratulations. You've been up for the rest of the year. Your ratings, a critical hit. What's the key to your success? You know, just telling truth with stories as honestly as we possibly can and I think that's what's resonating with our audience. Authenticity. Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. Tomorrow is your big Valentine's day episode we just saw. Any sneak peek. What can we expect? As you can imagine if you're familiar with the snow anything that can go wrong will go wrong with Andre Johnson. Yeah. Last-minute details, things like that. I put my foot in my mouth. I put my foot in my mouth. Not so much love, a little more fighting than loving. No, we always love. There's always love. Love is the resolution of -- Got it. Love is the resolution. You hosted the naacp image awards on Friday night. "Black-ish" swept all of the categories which is fantastic for a comedy series. You won for outstanding actor. I love the photo you took. It's so sweet. Can we put it up with Kerry Washington afterwards. Look at that. She's pointing at your award. What did that night peen to you. It meant a great deal. I grew up a part of the youth movement of the naacp. This was my tenth nomination. I hasn't won an award, an image award up until Friday night. You were the Susan Lucci. I was the Susan Lucci, yes. You finally won. I finally won one and, yeah, we did a complete sweep, Laurence Fishburne won for best supporting actor. Jarrish won for best supporting actor. Tracy won for best lead actress and then the show won so it was an exciting time for all of us. Congratulations, congratulations. Thank you. I'm excited because we'll see you on Friday night playing the all-star celebrity. If that's what you want to call what I'll be doing up will in what do you call it. Running up and down looking like an overweight out of shape fool who never really played basketball in his life. That's why it will be so great. And I guarantee I'm coming home with the mvp. Michael Rappaport, take that, sucker. We have a little Valentine's day themed game for you to play. I'm ready. We're calling it -- Wow. The love hot seat. All right. I'll give you a few questions. First thing that comes to your mind. Somebody be quick on that drop button. All right. I want to ask you your most memorable first date. My most memorable first date, the -- Regina bell concert with my wife while we were in college in Howard college. Worst Valentine's day. I haven't had one. Biggest mistake they make on their first date. Oh, trying to get some too quick. The secret to winning your wife's heart? The secret to winning -- oh, wow. Being jovial and funny. I like that. Secret to anyone starting online dating? Lie, lie, lie. The number one thing you've learned about love? The number one thing I learned about love, honesty is the best policy. Anthony, you're the best. Yes. Thank you so much. That's it? That's it. Did I win a date? You passed. Did I win a date? With your wife. Do I get a makeover? I need somebody to cut the hair off my back. All right. Oh, god. You had to go there. I mean it's not like it's dreadlocks. It's just a little -- "Black-ish" airs Wednesday at 9:30 eastern, 8:30 central right here on ABC. Things we didn't need know from Anthony.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"The star actor discusses his experiences and upcoming episodes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28856310","title":"Anthony Anderson Talks About the Success of 'Black-ish'","url":"/GMA/video/anthony-anderson-talks-success-black-ish-28856310"}