Anti-Obama Tweeter Is High-Level White House Employee

The man behind a notorious Twitter feed that insults the president has been fired.
1:55 | 10/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anti-Obama Tweeter Is High-Level White House Employee
Now, to the senior member of the white house staff revealed as a person behind an influential twitter account, that was assaulting the president, key officials of the white house and republicans. He's saying this morning he regrets posting those comments. Abc's jim avila has the latest. Good morning, jim. Reporter: Good morning, robin. It is what washington loves best, snarky from an insider. And overnight, the man for a notorious twitter feed, known for insulting the obama administration, was found to be a white house employee. Jofi joseph, better known as natsecwonk, had an office in the white house. And was mocking leagues and best friend and adviser. I'm a fan of obama. But his continuing reliance and dependent on a vacuous cipher like valerie jarrett concerns me. All the journalists followed his tweets. All of the officials and all of the people he was insulting. So, he had a very elite readership. Reporter: For more than two years, joseph took aim at everybody from top republican figures to presidential aides. Quote, when will someone do us the favor of getting rid of sarah palin? What utter useless garbage. But his sharpest attacks were saved for his colleagues. About whom he tweeted, obama in three works, has blank staff. He was saying this things on people's minds that they were too afraid to say. And some of that was the case. But that was also mixed with a lot of things that people would not say because they were incredibly rude or just misguided. Reporter: Joseph has since been fired, telling politico via e-mail last night, I deeply regret violating the trust and confidence placed in me. I sincerely apologize to everyone I insulted.

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{"id":20654456,"title":"Anti-Obama Tweeter Is High-Level White House Employee","duration":"1:55","description":"The man behind a notorious Twitter feed that insults the president has been fired.","url":"/GMA/video/anti-obama-tweeter-high-level-white-house-employee-20654456","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}