Apple unveils iPhone X

The phone, with a starting price of $999, has features such as augmented reality, wireless charging, emojis that animate and facial recognition technology to unlock the device.
3:01 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for Apple unveils iPhone X
Back now with all the buzz about the new iPhone X it has facial recognition and wireless charging and Rebecca Jarvis, well, she got a look at it and joins us from cupertino, California. What did you find out about the new iPhone? Hey, Michael, people came from all over the world here to apple's brand-new headquarters to see the unveiling of this new iPhone X. I can tell you it is sleek, it is slippery when you hold it in your hands because it's glass. I didn't drop it and according to analysts it is the most sophisticated phone on the market. It's apple's newest mobile marvel. It is the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone. Reporter: CEO Tim cook unveiling the highly anticipated iPhone X. The company's fanciest and most expensive model ever with a starting price of $1,000, what exactly do you get? A larger edge-to-edge screen, upgraded cameras optimized for selfies and augmented reality. That is the ability to superimpose images on what's in front of your phone. Animojis, wireless charging and facial recognition technology that lets you unlock the phone by just looking at it. One thing absent from the new phone, as you see, no more home button. It's glass all around. $1,000 is a hefty price tag. Are people going to buy this phone? Consumers are addicted to their phones and paying an extra $5 per month to get the latest and greatest will be a no-brainer. Reporter: Post-presentation hundreds of techies testing out the new devices. How do you think it went? Do you feel good? I feel wonderful. Well, Rebecca looking at that footage everyone will want one of these so how do you get the best deal on the phone? That's the big question for somebody like myself. Reporter: Absolutely, Michael. The best thing you can do is talk to your wireless provider. Ask them if they have any special upgrade programs and, in fact, now a number of wireless providers are offering money, cash towards that new phone if you make the switch, the one thing I would caution people to do, though is make sure that you look at all of the fees associated with that and whether or not the new calling plan and the new wireless plan is actually going to benefit you in the long run. Yeah, got to read that fine print, Rebecca. So what do we do with the old phone? How can we, you know, kind of make some money off the old phone? Reporter: Great question, robin. With that ole phone what you can do are two different things. The easiest thing you can do is go to a website like gazelle or Y Y Y yousell. You can make more if you sell it yourself through a website like Ebay or craigslist but you have to do all the heavy lifting and wait for the sale to happen in order to get paid. Good to know. All right, you're just having a great time out there, Rebecca. Enjoy. Thanks so much.

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{"id":49814662,"title":"Apple unveils iPhone X ","duration":"3:01","description":"The phone, with a starting price of $999, has features such as augmented reality, wireless charging, emojis that animate and facial recognition technology to unlock the device.","url":"/GMA/video/apple-unveils-iphone-49814662","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}