Arctic cold grips Northeast with more snow expected

The deep freeze is affecting millions of people across the country, with multiple cities registering record low temperatures and record snowfalls.
3:23 | 12/29/17

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Transcript for Arctic cold grips Northeast with more snow expected
I value my sleep a lot. A fun night, cold night and hope it will be a safe night and that is why as times square gets ready security is at an all-time high. Gio Benitez got an exclusive bird's-eye view as the NYPD prepares to protect the 1 million people expected to come out to see the ball drop. That is commitment consider 1 million still showing up despite frigid temperatures. Bitter cold marathon freezing the face and rob Marciano is high above times square at the new year's ball tracking the latest on the bitter arctic blast. I have to imagine it's really cold from your van trump junior point. It is cold. I mean from your vantage point you could probably see my breath. It's 12 degrees right now. Windchill of 2. Today is colder than yesterday colder than the day before that. Unnerving trend for sure and we're not alone in New York City. Look at the map with all the advisories, if it's not cold, snow, nearly from the entire -- runs the entire length of the Canadian border and the cold is the biggest story as far is what is going to be dangerous. Right in through the new year. Deep freeze, reinforcing surge of cold air and Chicago, minus 7, 30 below for a windchill, 10 below in Detroit. 5 below in New York City, 13 or 15 below in Boston and if we hit 11, that will make it the co coldest new year's eve here since 1962. This crystal ball will be dropping regardless of the weather so just got to prepare for it. That deep freeze affecting millions across America. Multiple cities registering temperatures at record lows not to mention record snowfall. Alex Perez is in Buffalo, new York, where it feels like minus 1. Alex, good morning to you. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Dan. Here along lake Erie it feels colder. Take a look. The ice, the snow building up everywhere. It has been a long, relentless week for millions. Overnight, dangerous, slippery roads sending drivers spinning. Their cars careening into ditches. She's going again. She's done. Reporter: Heavy snowfall causing whiteout conditions, 200 million Americans now trapped in a deep freeze. The brutal cold already deadly. Two people in Chicago killed by hypothermia. Extreme weather is more than an inconvenience, it remains a serious and potentially life-threatening event. Reporter: Police using fire torches and brute force to open up manhole covers. Freezing this fountain in Philadelphia. Ice trapping boats in this harbor in Maine. Salt water doesn't freeze too easily so you know it's cold. Reporter: Authorities in Illinois say the driver of this convertible spun out and collided with this 18-wheeler splitting the semi truck in half. And in Erie, Pennsylvania, plows forging a path through 65 plus inches of snow. And no relief in sight. A lot of these areas that are already buried in snow, they're bracing for another foot this weekend. Paula. Incredible there's more snow on the way. Alex, thank you.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"The deep freeze is affecting millions of people across the country, with multiple cities registering record low temperatures and record snowfalls.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52041413","title":"Arctic cold grips Northeast with more snow expected","url":"/GMA/video/arctic-cold-grips-northeast-snow-expected-52041413"}