Firefighters Battle Blaze That Killed 19 of Their Own

After 19 men from the Hotshot unit were killed, 500 Arizona firefighters continue to fight the wildfire.
2:32 | 07/02/13

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Transcript for Firefighters Battle Blaze That Killed 19 of Their Own
latest on the devastating wildfire in arizona. 19 firefighters, as you know, lost in the fast-moving blaze. They were the best of the best. How did all their safety precautions fail? Clayton sandell is in congress, arizona, this morning, with all of that. Good morning, clayton. Reporter: Good rning, robin. You can see roadblocks are blocking our access to the fire zone. This blaze is still out of control. 8,000 acres, plus, and still growing. This morning, 500 firefighters with heavy hearts are making a desperate stand in the arizona desert. They're trying to save the town of yarnell, now evacuated. At least 50 homes have already been destroyed. Hundreds more threatened. It's devastating. I've heard that most of the town has burned down. Reporter: It was a deadly combination. A dry thunderstorm, laced with strong, erratic winds that shifted directions unexpectedly. It's hot and bone-dry. 75% of arizona is suffering severe drought or worse. grant McKee, 21. Reporter: Overnight, this community remembering the lives of those 19 experienced firefighters lost. Robert caldwell, 23. Reporter:21-year-old kevin woyjeck was hoping to follow his father's footsteps. His dad is an l.A. Fire captain. He used to go and ride along. And hang out with the firefighters. Reporter: Billy warneke, seen here in a home video, was just 6 years old when he first dressed up as a fireman. Later, he joined the marines and then the hot shots. He got this job up in prescott, just in april. Reporter: His wife was pregnant by then. 30-YEAR-OLD chris MacKenzie was a hot shot veteran. His mom never worried about his safety. He had done it for such a long time. Reporter:29-year-old andrew ashcraft, father of four, was a veteran, too. We celebrated his dad, and the hero he is and will always be. He's an angel for us, yeah. Reporter: The loss of these men felt across this small town. Two of the hot shots used to work at this restaurant, grant McKEE AND JOHN PERCIN. He gave me a chance and trusted me when people didn't. I love you with all my heart. Reporter: And you can see, robin, already this morning, at this early hour, it's already 76 degrees. It's going to be another punishing day for firefighters, with temperatures well above 100 degrees.

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{"id":19552055,"title":"Firefighters Battle Blaze That Killed 19 of Their Own","duration":"2:32","description":"After 19 men from the Hotshot unit were killed, 500 Arizona firefighters continue to fight the wildfire.","url":"/GMA/video/arizona-wildfire-firefighters-battle-blaze-killed-19-19552055","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}