Search for the Ark of the Covenant

Christiane Amanpour finds a secret history in the second part of her special "Back to the Beginning."
2:44 | 12/28/12

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Transcript for Search for the Ark of the Covenant
Christmas from the -- -- in the edge of modern day Jerusalem. Yet no matter how do you miss. The truth behind so many of these biblical stories that took place here. Remains so captivated me elusive. In part because so many -- may be buried underneath what today is -- living breathing city. I'm not she Mahoney Cohen is a biblical scholar and a tool guy she took us 21 of the only faces. -- archaeologist. Pilgrims and tourists are allowed to league's rules below this story sixteenth. He's. Notoriously difficult to dig under the Old City of Jerusalem it's very difficult because it's very sensitive -- -- talking about -- places. All of the three main of one of basic religions -- so politically -- he also played that this job. Discovered by accident in the nineteenth century when an archaeologist was walking his dog this massive network of caves and tunnels. Is known as -- quarries. -- -- -- -- The signing -- block apart and father S remake of the space race reminders of Solomon's his temple and -- destruction seemed to see from these rules. Then they want this -- -- that kayaks PST. Is advocating yet that his of the -- -- crying. Where there will be an -- the present time for opinions. -- was -- -- -- is ruled that Jerusalem fell to the Babylonian. Temple was destroyed. And the ark of the covenant went missing from both history and the pages of the Bible the tenth century BC's this last time anybody actually really seasons. According to the biblical tradition. Many believe these underground tunnels we used to secretly transport the opt out of Jerusalem. And when the Babylonian troops took infantry of the treasures they had -- Something was missing -- there are older stores that may -- somebody spirited the or out of the city. Just ahead of the destruction of people trying to. Be detectives and they try -- uncover some. -- -- some people. Fish fan to leave it as it is and some people I know that he'll look and once the -- lived out of the continent I don't believe some of the even find it and I don't know -- remain after and -- 2500. Years. That is the assignment of the year I don't know where you can not see back to the beginning tonight 9 eastern right. On ABC.

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{"id":18081873,"title":"Search for the Ark of the Covenant","duration":"2:44","description":"Christiane Amanpour finds a secret history in the second part of her special \"Back to the Beginning.\"","url":"/GMA/video/ark-covenant-christiane-amanpours-search-back-beginning-special-18081873","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}