Mother Masterminds Her Son's Jailbreak

Derrick Estell has been on the run for six days but police have arrested his mom.
2:25 | 08/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mother Masterminds Her Son's Jailbreak
Now, to the mother who is giving new meaning to the term, it takes a village. This right here is her mug shot. She is being accused of being part of a network of friends and family who orchestrated this brazen jailbreak right here by an inmate that just happens to be her son. Abc's linzie janis is all over this story this morning. Good morning to you. Good morning, dan. derek LaSalle on the run for a sixth-straight day. Police arrested his mom, after listening to phone calls between the two. And the fresh details might have you wondering why prison staff didn't see this coming. Derek astel looks to be having a conversation on the phone. And he had a small time to dive through an actual window. It's like watching the three stooges. Reporter: Police say it was his mother, glenda estelle on the phone, giving him the green light, with the words, it's all good. She's behind bars after they listened to recordings of 40 phone calls of estelle to his mom. The two had been hatching the plan. Anybody that would make 40 phone calls then jump through a window. I mean, it's almost like getting the sheriff involved. Hey, I'm going to escape tomorrow. My mom will be outside a couple blocks away. Give me a head start. It's almost that silly. Reporter: The plot allegedly included this man, who police say is the stepfather of estelle's girlfriend, allegedly sent to create a diversion, to go to deposit money in the account of an inmate that police say doesn't exist. That's when derek makes a break. Sprinting this getaway car that police say was allegedly driven by his girlfriend. H miss mother behind b and putting pressure on associates from his time in jail, law enforcements say it's unlikely the man they say is armed and dangerous will be on the run longer. Estelle has been serving hard time for armed burglary in a state penitentiary. But he had been transferred to the jailhouse ahead of a court appearance. The deputies have patched up that window where he made the escape. This is shocking. You would assume the phone calls are recorded. Obviously, they were. Reporter: They didn't bother to listen. Thank you.

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{"id":19860620,"title":"Mother Masterminds Her Son's Jailbreak","duration":"2:25","description":"Derrick Estell has been on the run for six days but police have arrested his mom.","url":"/GMA/video/arkansas-mother-masterminds-sons-jailbreak-19860620","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}