Author Bruce Feiler discusses his new book 'The First Love Story: Adam, Eve, and Us'

The New York Times-best-selling author also gives his advice for improving your relationship.
6:36 | 03/22/17

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Transcript for Author Bruce Feiler discusses his new book 'The First Love Story: Adam, Eve, and Us'
And now to relationship advice from the original couple, best-selling author Bruce Feiler is turing to the bible and first David Wright and couples who draw lessons from Adam and eve. Reporter: We all remember when Harry met Sally but how well do we remember when Adam met eve? Author Bruce feilor sees Adam and eve as the original star-crossed lovers. This is the definitive not unhappily ever after story. I think it's about forgiveness and resilience, they must stay together. Reporter: His new book out this week has even insired an Adam and eve approach to couples therapy looking for answers in the book of genesis to the ultimate question. How do you make love last? Embedded in the story is the meaning of love. Reporter: Marriage counselors pllym and Peter gathered a few couples. Adam and eve, you're on a team and, you know, win or lose, you win or lose together. At the end of the day the consequence is shared. Because they're both put out of the garden at the end regardless of whose fault it was. Adam and eve are alone. Maybe that is what appeals to me. It's you and I, babe. Reporter: Knowing what they know now. There's no way I'd listen to the make. I hate snakes. If I ate it and you ate it and god said Dan, you shouldn't have eaten that apple what would you say. I'd take the fall. Reporter: Writing their own stories side by side just like Adam and eve. For "Good morning America," David Wright, ABC news, new York. And now I'm here with best-selling author of the first love story Bruce feilor. Hey, Bruce. Nice to see you. Very interesting. Listening to those cups and Adam and eve and why did you write this book and why did you think it needed to be told. It begins at my kitchen table of I have a working wife as you do. Add less sent twin daughters and talk a lot about the changing way men and women are relating to each other and, you know, it's always about the new and the science and technology but is there nothing from the past and we were in the sistine chapel a few years ago looking up at Adam and eve and thought, oh, my gosh, this has been at the heart of every conversation of men and women for 3,000 years. It must have lessons and got to go on the greatest garden of ever, the footsteps of the bible in Jerusalem to Rome, to Hollywood and figure out what can they teach us today? Their lesson is unbelievably powerful. You went around the world for this. What is the most important thing you discovered? I think first of all it's the love story. It is a success. They come together. They separate. She wants Independence. They get kicked ow. She comes back to Adam. They stay together. They have children, it's a little challenging, they come back together and have more and so I think that this is a success story but here's what everybody in this room will know is that eve has been dumped on. Eve is victim of the greatest character assassination the world has ever known and for women especially who were struggling to have balance in their relationships it matters that this story be a success because it's the example that all of us are resting on. And this story, you say, has a lot of great advice for modern couples so we did a little survey and asked modern couples, is talking to each other, communication a real challenge? And we had a little survey. Here's what they said. 67% said yes and 33% said no and what can Adam and eve teach us and modern day about communication? So here's what I learned. I went to write a book about Adam and eve and ended up writing one about love and relationships. Love is a story we tell with another person of you've got your story. I've got my story. This is a story we tell together. They are the first why and it's an example that there are good and bad types when. Hit a bump in the road you add a new chapter so when you're in a relationship, basically you're constantly revising your own love story. See it that way it helps you get you the good and bad types. We have couples with relationship questions in our audience. Dana and John, you've been married for 28 years and what is your question? Yeah, hi, Bruce. I was wondering how couples in a relationship can forgive, build trust and move on. The number one thing we know resilience is incredibly important to relationships. Adam and eve show that a lot. Here's the thing about forgiveness. What the research shows is that you do it for yourself actually not for your partner, okay, because the Hollywood version you make a choice about love and it's happily ever after but those of us in long-term relationships know you don't make it once you make the choice almost every day over and over again. So if you see it as an ongoing series of decisions, it will help you keep focused on the fact that we are called to a successful relationship. It's what actually we are asked to do in the bible because god wants us to succeed and to be happy. And great answer. Great suggestion there. One more question from chuck and sue. Been married 40 year, two kids. What is your question? Well, Adam and eve went through a lot of adversity in their relationship. As do modern couples. How can modern couples survive -- how do marriages survive through adversity? I think that it has a lot to do with balance ultimately. Is that one person cannot take the lead in every occasionment you sort of find the strengths that you have and you balance it and you keep moving forward because, you know, positive psychology told us happiness is other people. The first thing god says in the bible, loneliness, okay, god does not want us to be alone. We're called to be together. What I'm saying here in general with the first love story, Michael and to all of you if you want to strengthen and deepen your relationship, right, in this moment when we're pulling, if you want to come together and appreciate the role of love and family, come on this great Adam and eve road trip with me and I think you'll be surprised and learn something but in the end I think you'll be uplifted their story is a success and reminds us that story is still the success, the role models that we need today. And it's something for everyone of all ages to learn about love and relationships as well. We all can tell it to our daughters, you and I. Don't date boys, that's what I'm telling mine. All right. Bruce, thank you. "The first love story: Adam, eve and us" is out now and everyone in our studio, you're going home with a free copy of the book,

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{"duration":"6:36","description":"The New York Times-best-selling author also gives his advice for improving your relationship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46288038","title":"Author Bruce Feiler discusses his new book 'The First Love Story: Adam, Eve, and Us' ","url":"/GMA/video/author-bruce-feiler-discusses-book-love-story-adam-46288038"}