Authorities Believe Ft. Hood Shooter Had Argument

Officials say Spc. Ivan Lopez might have had a verbal altercation before going on a shooting rampage.
3:00 | 04/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Authorities Believe Ft. Hood Shooter Had Argument
Now to the latest on the shooting at ft. Hood. This morning we're learning more about specialist Ivan Lopez, that's the man would went on that deadly rampage. ABC's David Muir is live Ott ft. Hood with the very latest. Good morning, David. Reporter: Amy, good morning. Authorities here at ft. Hood now want to know was there a confrontation here on the base in the moments before Ivan Lopez opened fire? This morning, authorities believe the soldier would went on a shooting rampage at ft. Hood this week might have had an argument beforehand. There may have been a verbal altercation with another soldier or soldiers. Reporter: But so far there's no proof. 34-year-old Ivan Lopez targeted individual soldiers when he opened fire. Reporter: Meantime, a new window foo the chaos, the emergency response as the 911 calls began pore pouring in. All units we have a an tiff shooter. We also have some people escaping through windows. Reporter: When the casualty Numbers begin to mount. They are going to need to escort for blood. Is it a patient or is it a blood run? It's going to be a blood run. Reporter: Sergeant timothy Owens' mother says her son is among the dead. Very terrible that they had to shoot my son. He was a good person. Reporter: As for Lopez, authorities here on the base acknowledge he had mental health issues and had last been seen by a psychiatrist a month ago for anxiety and depression but the Pentagon insists there were never any warnings this was coming. No indication on the record of that examination that there was any sign of likely violence either to himself or to others. Reporter: In fact, a lieutenant colonel at ft. Bliss where Lopez was stationed before now revealing he was a good soldier, a rivalman who had only been reassigned recently because of health problems, though he would not say what kind. He wanted to Tay in the army and the army said he was a good enough soldier to stay in. Reporter: When he and his family moved to ft. Hood just recently neighbors telling us they seeped content. You actually saw them and theying looked happy. Yes. Reporter: But back home in his native Puerto Rico a family spokesman telling ABC news Lopez had been, quote, very upset over his mother's death from a heart attack and had been angry about the army's short leave so that he could mourn her. And this morning, that same family spokesperson saying they had no idea that Ivan Lopez was seeing help for mental health.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Officials say Spc. Ivan Lopez might have had a verbal altercation before going on a shooting rampage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23187833","title":"Authorities Believe Ft. Hood Shooter Had Argument","url":"/GMA/video/authorities-ft-hood-shooter-argument-23187833"}