How to Avoid, and Survive, Being Carjacked

5 tips for preventing a carjacking from happening to you.
7:02 | 01/22/15

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Transcript for How to Avoid, and Survive, Being Carjacked
It was an active Harrell was up with a tragic ending. College sophomore Bobby Kristen was parked outside a nightclub with his little brother and his friend Jen would be unimaginable happens. He just a great kid everybody knew whom welcome. An attacker forcing open the back door of their car grabbing his friend Jens curse. Bobby sitting in the front passenger seat tried to protect her and intervened. That's when the suspect shot Bobby in the head. Tonight police still looking for Bobby's killer as is Stanley mourns his law. Us Bobby the brain which he's in he has and the most courage. He's fearless but he's the hero. His friend Jen lovingly praises Bobby as her guardian Angel saying I love and so much for everything he did for me and shown that night. It's unfortunate that this this case and the like this yet and veteran detectives like Joseph Jack alone say while his actions were indeed courageous. We can all learn lessons from the tragic outcome. Dying for property is never. There a way to go I mean. Let it go and replace it. After twenty years with the NYPD Joseph says he's learned most of us don't realize how vulnerable we are while approaching our cars. Whether the crooks are after our wallets with a car itself. Almost 700000. Cars were stolen in 2013. That's roughly one car we find seconds. Anybody could be hiding things right so Joseph agreed to show us ways to be Smart and handler so what common. Fixed equipment as a walking like well back on top just just right now you have both hands full moon you don't have a way to battle that's bella union have a way to defend yourself again. At least yet one hand available. Right or at the very least you had keys in your other hand braided and you are right to funnel his fumbling for my. Right which is which has been especially if it's at nighttime hours in a dark area you're fumbling feat he should not paying attention to what's going on around you then that someone can easily come from behind you intact. Surprisingly your cell phone might be your biggest enemy. The phone is it's probably going to be the biggest distraction that people have and that's probably be the number one reason why people become victims of crimes Joseph warns that someone with their eyes cause. Early on their phone might accidentally get between a carjacker and their target. As the technology has gotten better cause our less likely to stole especially high incomes and those little ones are things its audit. So if they can't steal want to sit in the park a lot they're gonna take it when it's running. And that's the problem. And so is their big market for these high cost joy especially overseas and even that even if they keep bringing here they go to chop shops because the parts are worth more than the car itself. Grand Theft Auto can have deadly consequences. Dustin Friedland was murdered in front of his wife while in a parking lot of the short hills mall in New Jersey just days before Christmas 2013. Targeted say investigators. Is he was driving a Range Rover. Surveillance tape revealing Friedman's alleged killers may have scouted the mall hunting for the right car and the right victim. They look for specific target you'll look for card that they want actual at this place of the public was arraigned rolled. Right there you concede the suspect's dark SUV three days before the carjacking cruising the malls parking lot watched as it follows this white Range Rover right past the entrance. And then on the night Dustin freed them was killed. Notice that same SUV lurking in the lives. Before driving to the Friedman's car minutes later that suvs speeding off with the Friedman stolen Range Rover bright behind it. Was a group of guys this wasn't just one individual this is what you know he had to be mindful of that mimic elements for reasons force. But it's not just people who drive snazzy cars who are at risk. Turns out the most stolen cars are not luxury vehicles number one the practical Honda Accord then the humble civic. Followed by ship case and forwards size pickups but no matter how fancy your ride you can always protect yourself by thinking about the safest. This place to park your car. You try to find a spot closest to the doors you looked away there's a lot alike solely on his spots here on our right on the left and if possible. They would be called combat parking. When I had come at talking his way you dislike you see these brokaw's giving back into the spot so. It's difficult if you especially in emergency to drive backwards of. But being aware of your surroundings might not be enough. Just last week this woman Kristen who only won her first name used was robbed at gunpoint in Arlington Texas while going to the drive up ATM. The carjacker forced her into her own trunk. He's like in the money after you pull out his gun and told me to get in the term. Iran has Wells Fargo ADM. But in the vehicle and tracked down vehicles. Her attack also captured on surveillance tape. Police say the suspect right there looking directly at this security cameras drove off driving around for several hours with Kristen tracked in the trunk. I thought maybe have a chance of getting out of here so I found that. Unlock for the truck from the inside a popular that. Luckily now because of things have happened like this in the past manufactures have made it easier for the person to get out of the truck really years ago because when you got into a trunk there was no way get now right. Now there's levers and inside if you get stuck in so I really do. Movie and Hawaii and even glows in the dark alone now Kristen managed to open her trunk and escape. And Joseph says the next time you head to the ATM don't be paranoid just be prepared. Heavier AT and cut ready to take it out ahead of time. Pull up as close you can DA TM machine. Because is also prevent somebody from being able to come in sliding between. But you got and you ready to go. And use your rearview mirror make sure nobody is walking up the another tip always leave your car in drive just keep slowed on the break now I get ready to get the money. It's selling its common. Take the money. Split on the side. Is when you most vulnerable because now the guys wait for yet. Is knowing you're ready to go but just have to retrieve your ATM card guzzling machines let's from which a photo off the gas make sure you don't hear anybody who's walking. And you are gone. Once you're out on the road remember carjacking is a crime of opportunity. And criminals sometimes create those opportunities in order to grab your car with its engine non. And if you're parked along the road inventive crooks have been known to use a trick that Joseph shows us using a twenty dollar bill plea strategically on your windshield. Some unsuspecting person they Citic card an anomaly not looking up they stopped the car they do that they may put in his seat belt on and they go. What's that it looks like muddy. So they all right all I hope she's money so now because running ninety yeah now they go league this. To go get the money off the windshield wiper and by the time it takes in the do that. There are already inside your car and got riding a leg. That's impressed and then what most people try to do was get in the way and as we get Ronald all of which just goes to show being a safe driver involves a lot more than just Buckley not.

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