Pennsylvania Infant Rescued From Hot Car: Caught on Tape

Walmart customers alerted first responders, who saved the child.
0:52 | 07/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pennsylvania Infant Rescued From Hot Car: Caught on Tape
An action news viewers noticed a crowd and all the commotion outside the parking lot and quickly hit the record button on her cell -- only pulled into the lot -- -- people standing around the car -- some Wal-Mart employees looking around it would soon become apparent to her that his six week old baby boy had been left Dennis Gilbert 2005 Toyota -- it was around 630 last night and still very warm as they waited for help to -- she and others became anxious for the -- wellbeing. On the health costs down was hot yesterday I'm not as hot as it's been capacities but -- inside of -- vehicle and I was just -- -- -- an aggravated because why would you leave the baby in the car fortunately a police officer arrived a few minutes later and about the same time the child's 35 year old mother emerged from the Wal-Mart. She was -- We handcuffs and taken into custody from there they were trying to get her to see where the keys verse they could give the baby out and hire the officer finally got. Firefighters -- paramedics arrived on the scene. And a short time later. The baby was taken to saint Christopher's hospital to be checked out. Meanwhile if you're trying to make sense of what seemed cents. Makes no sense whatsoever that there's never any -- -- -- it. The fire was anything could have happened a child could have been you know was stolen out -- -- anything -- -- went wrong.

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{"duration":"0:52","description":"Walmart customers alerted first responders, who saved the child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24682901","title":"Pennsylvania Infant Rescued From Hot Car: Caught on Tape","url":"/GMA/video/baby-hot-car-pennsylvania-infant-rescued-hot-car-24682901"}