'Bachelor' Sean and Catherine Share Wedding Details

The couple got engaged on season 17 of "The Bachelor," and will marry on live TV Jan. 26.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for 'Bachelor' Sean and Catherine Share Wedding Details
Adorable snapshots. -- -- Catherine that our Twitter -- if they were closing in our GMA studios just. Days before the first ever live -- the -- it's happening this Sunday. Season seventeen -- shot knowledge of the Aggies yeah I can't believe that. Katherine G -- will -- -- do with millions tuning in we're gonna chat with the assuming really -- than just a moment but first we want to reminisce it. We may hung around -- I love was in the Thailand there last -- bachelor Sean love it is hard to. And final rose to 27 year old. -- -- The couple riding off into the sunset and beginning a whirlwind year. From taking a spin on the Dancing With The Stars ballroom floor. Hey John Beilein to giving the new bachelors on the insider advice do you have a strategy as far as. Kissing -- a million kids a lot. And even announcing their big day plans on GMA we have set a wedding -- -- okay that's here on every -- and I. And we -- live wedding making the first ever bachelor and shows is sixteen seasons to walk down the aisle and we want. Some traditional type of ceremony then just kind of you advise us and then have a big party afterward. This group and if you thought this was their fairy tale ending. Think again -- they're new chapter is just beginning. All right so happy to have shot and captain about this morning -- -- on the DL. I'm running out and. A smile. -- Cynthia can -- and I can't believe it's here now I didn't -- -- a part of that from the beginning it's very exciting. Heidi but feeling. Excited anxious ready here with which I wanted to get this ever -- that. Is threatening there are certain things that the -- can hear. And I know you're willing to telephones he doesn't listen to -- if you -- And a minute nine and -- the question so it's good to house. -- can you hear us. Thumbs up. -- On spirit I don't know do you wanna -- share now. I think he doesn't want to hear some talking -- -- out how -- it did gorgeous I mean I I think that feeling like kind of like a third -- -- on the I -- -- -- Alec thank the cute girl like just try to be funding labeled but this time I'm really coming as a woman. And I wanna Wear something very form gaining -- dean of the wedding that was interesting -- severance check say -- -- -- in. It understated -- yeah. Topic you've written reading get too many details but it sounds divine yes. Some -- sexy is the theme for the wedding -- -- not yet has -- an and that ideas just that your that your goods it's no longer cute. Right one we're definitely have fun whimsical couple wins if they're -- elements of that. In the wedding but -- sexy -- kind of just that you know its spirit around me and cake in just a sexy today but. Either separately that on balance I -- so. I see both smiling relaxed day I meet you both know more than anybody. You're in the spotlight 24/7 when you when your part of this franchise -- -- -- so successful. One -- found out the perils of god. This week to any advice for him having you you know with everybody watching you what you say to him this week. All of this Sunday hang in there I -- I know what he said was unfortunate and they can be tough in the media can be pretty tough on -- those comments like that. Just hang in there be strong and I think you'll get through it. He'll get -- all right I want to hear about the wedding from your perspective who's gonna cry first on definitely me. And a softy yeah. Didn't any time I start talking about her I just I can't help but -- I love it I I mean. And you're the first bachelor to do this -- Are you comfortable with all of us watching -- millions they thing I know I don't mean I'm not given that really any consideration I'm just. In the -- I'm going to be focusing on her and in watching her walk down the -- her dress yeah and we're kind of used to the cameras after all that I would -- -- out. Honestly I'm just gonna be zeroed in lung cancer and we are right so premarital pop -- you down -- -- -- What did you learn about each other during the wedding thing that you know before. Who which she is a taskmaster. And I had her list of things that -- wanted to do and she knocked them out. All right -- during the wedding is gonna and we know that you're gonna -- first who chose a soccer for statements that he is dead yeah -- -- -- show us your dancing with stars and have yeah. I think -- -- to -- we need to get out kitty tells the -- Randy Rogers one woman all right we have about a present -- really good before we got a little basket. My little American politics -- -- -- your love affair yeah you -- things but about thank you this very I don't necessarily me. I I nine congratulations and I think you as we talk -- Not the wedding we want you to an end Sunday night 8 eastern central run a bachelor John cabins -- Thanks yeah.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The couple got engaged on season 17 of \"The Bachelor,\" and will marry on live TV Jan. 26.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21620882","title":"'Bachelor' Sean and Catherine Share Wedding Details","url":"/GMA/video/bachelor-sean-catherine-share-wedding-details-21620882"}