What Caused Bali Plane Crash?

A Lion Air jet smashed into the water just ahead of the runway.
2:43 | 04/15/13

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Transcript for What Caused Bali Plane Crash?
The other top stories from josh. News overnight of the boeing 737. The faa has ordered special inspections on more than 1,000 planes because of a problem that could cause pilots to lose control of the aircraft. At issue is a certain kind of pin that attaches part of the tail to the fuselage. The faa says the pins are at risk of corroding. The planes are not being grounded. Airlines have until late next month to begin their inspections. The problem is not believed to be related to this weekend's crash of a boeing 737 that slammed into the water in bali. Lisa stark joins us now with new video from the scene. Good morning, lisa. Reporter: This is the stunning cell phone video moments after impact. Passengers tried to get out of the jet liner that had cracked in two. U.S. Crash investigators are on their way to indonesia to help figure out why this boeing 737 smashed into the water just short of the run way at s it was coming in for landing. It's particularly unusual in apparently decent weather. The plane is brand new. It's inexplicable. Reporter: Those on board say it was terrifying. No warning anything was wrong. The plane came down, there were screams as passengers rushed to get out. Everyone survived. 108 passengers and crew. This man said he grabbed a life jacket and swam to shore. Makeshift boats, even surfboards were yuz aed in the rescue. The airline, lion air, is the largest carrier for indonesia. It has a poor safety record. Investigators have recovered the flight data recorder. Josh, some analysts are speculating this crash may have been caused by a weather phenomenon like wind shear. The pilot and the copilot have passed their initial drug tests. Josh? Meanwhile, lisa while we have you. A moment ago, we mentioned the faa ordering new inspections on SOME 737s. What do you make of it. Reporter: It's not related in the crash in bali. THE FAA WANTS 1,000737s IN THE U.S. To be inspected. It's not an emergency inspection. It's not expected to affect airline schedules. It feeds to get done. It's another headache for boeing, josh, as it struggles to get the new dreamliner jet back into service. Indeed it is. Thank you, lisa. New details this morning

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{"id":18955881,"title":"What Caused Bali Plane Crash?","duration":"2:43","description":"A Lion Air jet smashed into the water just ahead of the runway.","url":"/GMA/video/bali-plane-crash-2013-caused-crash-lion-air-18955881","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}