Barbara Walters' 5 Most Fascinating Moments

Take a look back at highlights from the legendary journalist's "Fascinating People" interviews.
4:56 | 05/16/14

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Transcript for Barbara Walters' 5 Most Fascinating Moments
One of the signatures of Barbara's groundbreaking career has been her ten most fascinating people specials on ABC. She's been captivating with those since -- well, since 1993. This morning, we have five of our own most fascinating moments from Barbara. Take a look. Icon. Legend. Trail blazer. Historymaker. She has interviewed presidents and world leaders. The infamous and famous. From Betty, to Bieber, Taylor to Timberlake, Michael to Miley, George burns to George Clooney. If you were on the a-list, you were on her list. So, in honor of five decades in journalism, we pick our five most fascinating Barbara Walters moments. Starting with this. The one time any of us remember Barbara speechless. When Clint Eastwood started to flirt with her. You would drive me nuts. And I would drive you crazy. I would say, didn't you or haven't you or haven't you? We could try it and see if it worked out. We'll start with this interview. This is okay, maybe we'll do another interview. I think we'll stop and reload. Reporter: But Barbara was never at a loss for word when interviewing some of the world's most powerful leaders. Fidel Castro, saddam hussein, moammar Gadhafi. Her most historic moment came in 1977, when she convinced Anwar sadat and begin to do their first ever joint interview. There might be a ray of light. There might be some concession. There might be a somewhat different position down the road? You are always lovely. Reporter: Barbara interviewed Hollywood legend Katherine Hepburn many times. But the next moment was buzzed about and misinterpreted many times. What kind of tree are you? Reporter: Rewind the interview a few seconds and you will see it was Hepburn who brought up being a tree. Barbara was following up. I'm becoming a thing. What? A tree or something. Yes. Reporter: This famous interview with boxer, Mike Tyson, and then-wife, robin Griffins, makes our list bauds there was surprise when givens reveals this. Does he hit you? He shakes. He swings. Sometimes I think he's trying to

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"Take a look back at highlights from the legendary journalist's \"Fascinating People\" interviews. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23745391","title":"Barbara Walters' 5 Most Fascinating Moments","url":"/GMA/video/barbara-walters-fascinating-moments-23745391"}