Barbara Walters: 'I'm Not Walking Into the Sunset'

Legendary newscaster announces she will retire from TV journalism in the summer of 2014.
10:05 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for Barbara Walters: 'I'm Not Walking Into the Sunset'
I have been on television continuously. -- -- north. Sting you -- not front and. I was twelve up from. But in this summer back country fourteen a year from now I plan to retire from appearing on television at all. It has been an absolutely. Joy flowed -- warning challenging. Fascinating and occasionally bumpy ride and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm perfectly health think this is my decision I've been thinking about it -- a long time and this is what I want to do. I will however continue as co executive producer on the -- -- bill -- as long as the kind of -- and his ad. I've there will be special occasions and I welcome back I'm not walking into the sunset. But I don't want to appear on another program I don't want to climb another mountain. I want instead she -- another sunny -- the and admire the very gifted women. About -- sums mentioned. We'll be taking my place and and most of all I want to thank. Everybody here -- had an amazing period beyond anything I could ever have imagined. And I helped plan may also have -- other women to make. Television in front -- behind the cameras as a career. I smiled when some young woman says I grew up watching you -- TV. It's bedtime now but remember I have had not lost hope yet to go and I look forward to the next AM. To my last season during which we have exciting things planned for ABC news and the view. And most of all I want to -- not to all of you have been watching me -- many years and who have traveled the same road that I have traveled with me. We've been together a long time. Mike have to run -- felt -- -- thank you thank you thank you. Okay. Okay. Congrats to Saint -- -- -- thank you because your eat your either your innovative you start things you would have never seen two. African American women on a major. Network doing a talk show. That's right -- -- -- -- general traffic on the night. So around -- and how OK don't let you know that the fact that you that you had the foresight. -- and got to do they have so thank you. I thank -- -- you cannot introduce some of my AM some of the notables. -- another and gardens to -- check. -- first the president of ABC news been shareware. Okay. A I don't have the best president. Of -- news department he stood tallest. Right. And -- -- have somebody who's with us is very clash our every day that he dumb by the executive vice president of the ABC media group. How big garden -- you have try this don't come to Vicki come to me -- The president of Disney ABC television group and their very close friend of -- the beautiful and -- They say entertainment group -- -- -- I have known since she was a little boy I think. The chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney company not really a little -- about a long time Bob I can't. Longtime how -- we met in 1976. And I was production assistant. I was asked to deliver something to your dressing room. Had I didn't even think that you would be there and I barged in their -- her I was rather embarrassed. We're extremely nice and I could put -- it is you said yes -- -- my name was and what I do what I told do. And from then on you called me Jim my name is Bob. I don't get -- -- actually an identity. I'm retiring in 214 we have another whole year to go out. And -- announced that you're retiring in 2015 years some Leon in his unsuccessful and how. Not so. What are you gonna do what are we gonna do. That's an easy question for guys running Disney has -- really go to Disneyland but. Platoon was loved to dance I simply -- on Dancing With The Stars in this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes thank you off -- coming. -- I could say one thing if you don't mind since I run the company I guess I can't yeah. You know it was obviously amazing watching the tribute that was done or as part of the announcement this morning and seeing all that footage. And hearing all of the words that have been used to describe you in these last 24 hours since this news leaked out all the superlatives from TrailBlazer. And innovator and superstar and you name it. But when I think of -- I think of of the -- singular things in this business -- don't think anyone. Just come close to accomplishing what you've accomplished and I'm not sure anyone well and not just in the volume of the work in the -- of -- all -- in the quality of it and so. Not only is CEO and chairman of the company but -- a friend and colleague for almost forty years from the bottom of my heart thank you very. A you didn't -- The zoo yeah. Rob room and -- now somebody else some guy in not you know man always arresting you. Well is -- fought his way into the building and we at Williams couldn't find any other way not to let him. Come out and say a few things so if you don't mind engine ally I hope you can handle us. -- some welcome the mayor of New York City. We were friends before -- became met yeah. -- mailing us so fortunate to have. -- to have him what does that tell us how -- to have well Eyewitness News -- overdrive. -- in the neighborhood and you've always been my idol. If you think about it we both came from Boston yesterday we both went to public schools -- we both came to New York to make -- big. Mountain View and you know -- Colin all of us affected nations now but don't think about it you have made an enormous -- -- talk about -- annoyed me because. You talk about 21 interviewed the people that really made a difference in your one of those that did make a difference everybody should be interviewing you. I love you know but it is -- can't always -- Even if you don't like brag to all soft drinks in -- yeah. Okay. I -- like very -- soft drinks just in moderation yeah. I don't. We can't take -- months it's well I think that. And that's why you all look so stunning. How I'm that you opened the whole career for women but also I think it's not just women you made a difference in how. Journalism and particularly TV journalism is done to that you said a new standard to ask the tough questions. But in a nice ways that not only got real answers -- the public was informed. But also didn't make enemies you would never nasty about it. I had such -- everybody's asking you because we -- Jim what he wanted to -- and we asked me. Short term is up. Next November -- 232. Days but who's -- exactly. What are you gonna do next everybody must know -- -- -- absolutely no idea but I -- if you and I went away Diana probably wouldn't notice from the first day. I think that's got after Jim and I have to Bob and I -- dashing let -- live -- And you and I love got to get I think if you are always some good to destroy government and -- really. We really didn't tell them about our personal relationship here on the -- we're gonna. An acute British ticket when I just had a very quickly and then won't -- -- -- we may want to have something else on this front again besides me me me. At one point we were doing a few years ago who would most like to marry and that and the other one moment picking -- not to -- -- you picked. You remember who you cannot now tell you about big you know big -- is exactly and I picked them. Because I thought he's as cute as can be an -- rich. That day on the shelf. And just before we got a break I would like to tell you that it was never consummated. -- -- I want our -- -- yet but I'm I'm not done yet that's don't have another a year ago. And you won't believe what's I have in store for me at least they tell me and on them.

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{"duration":"10:05","description":"Legendary newscaster announces she will retire from TV journalism in the summer of 2014.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19168750","title":"Barbara Walters: 'I'm Not Walking Into the Sunset'","url":"/GMA/video/barbara-walters-retirement-im-not-walking-into-sunset-19168750"}