Baruch College Students Charged in Fraternity Hazing Death Case

Freshman Michael Deng died after a brutal beating from his Pi Delta Psi frat brothers at the New York City college.
2:20 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for Baruch College Students Charged in Fraternity Hazing Death Case
We turn now to that hazing death of a college freshman, Michael Deng died two years ago after a brutal beating from his frat brothers, now 37 people face charges including five young men for murder. ABC's linsey Davis here with the details. Good morning, linsey. Reporter: Good morning, George. It's taken two long years for this investigation, police described it as being stymied by a massive cover-up. Now Deng's family describes feeling relief those responsible for taking their son's life will be held responsible. This morning, more than three dozen college students face criminal charges ranging from hazing to homicide. Two years after the death of this young fraternity pledge 19-year-old Chun "Michael" Deng. Now a Pennsylvania grand jury recommending five of those fraternity members face charges of third degree murder. They have to take responsibility for the death they caused and the cover-up that they created. Authorities say in December of 2013, members of the pi delta psi fraternity at New York City's Baruch college carried out a brutal hazing rich yalg. Pledges were forced to run across a frozen field blindfolded weighted down with backpacks filled with 30 pounds of sand while being assaulted. He was singled out and he was treated Donald Trump nationally. He is on the rise stand Donald Trump. I have two questions about that, one, will trump him? Trumpates Thede ifa oom syebodel is R fsegrinte tasn I polls the is they're both the outsiders. Ow do they handle the specifics? Meanwhile, all the insiders, a make or break moment. If you stage, we have 11 candidates because Carly fiorina H baseen added, the one woman stage, but they are all in for money. I think it is quite possi that by the next debate, one or two, maybe even more of these candidates are out. Their campaigns are done. This is their make or break moment. They're desperate to break through some W ay. We'll be watching tonight, Jon Karl, thanks very much. All right, George. One student said someone looked it up and it cost too much. Deng's family is currently pursuing a wrongful death case against the fraternity and attorney for one of the defendants told us overnight, quote, what happened is a tragedy, but this is not a murder case and, George, the arraignment scheduled for tomorrow. Just a sad and horrible story. Okay, linsey, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"Freshman Michael Deng died after a brutal beating from his Pi Delta Psi frat brothers at the New York City college.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33793508","title":"Baruch College Students Charged in Fraternity Hazing Death Case","url":"/GMA/video/baruch-college-students-charged-fraternity-hazing-death-case-33793508"}