Baseball Team Mourns Bat Boy Killed During Game

Kaiser Carlile, 9, was the bat boy for the Liberal Bee Jays summer team based in Liberal, Kansas.
2:32 | 08/03/15

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Transcript for Baseball Team Mourns Bat Boy Killed During Game
Lou Kaiser showed up on day one in his teachers in shorts in these despicable me minions ox and and so you wanna be about it so he stepped in their not known combo based on the and a and did a great job they want and so we've decided that. Cotton was going to be a guy going forward in. Coach Anderson told them if you're going to be about where you go look like baseball player and quickly cotton when out on baseball teachers and baseball pants and baseball ops and he was ready to go with us for the rest of the season. In the process gained thirty big Brothers he showed up every day the park. The smile on his face turn. Smile on everyone else's face itself. He met Basra as memorable. And hilarious it was adorable humor. You know sometimes they're being obscenity. And not back. And that means I'm nine years old. But the night that Kaiser went through to well use. Leno on the bench and I went into medicine. I personally drawings are now in well Mike. Duquesne man who do you think. Understand. Usually in Israel league you know more bets that the much appreciated you know. Thanks to but I don't run artistically and his personal cinema me. Think there's games the game. It didn't it means a lot to me. She could put the. I was blessed to have caught my friend a teammate and most importantly a brother. Love that kid so much just in the few days ago spend time alone. And those in a much better place now and unable to find peace and then for his family effort for healing. In just know that I'll always hold a piece. A place in my heart. For Kaiser in your entire family. After this summer's over. They got me back to the respective schools. They're curious but the minute they know that. They're gonna have Angeles wherever they go through this and whenever they step out on the baseball field. It would be impossible not to remember Kaiser and how much he meant to this team and how much he loved BM based on comments he made again baseball. Just how much more enjoyable and you miss everything.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"Kaiser Carlile, 9, was the bat boy for the Liberal Bee Jays summer team based in Liberal, Kansas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32858921","title":"Baseball Team Mourns Bat Boy Killed During Game","url":"/GMA/video/baseball-team-mourns-bat-boy-killed-game-32858921"}