Neighborhood on Edge After Woman Mauled by Bear

A mother was brutally attacked by a black bear outside her home.
2:07 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Neighborhood on Edge After Woman Mauled by Bear
We turn now to that urgent hunt down in Florida for a black bear that attacked a woman outside her home. An entire neighborhood on edge. Residents worried they could be next and we have the latest from lake Mary Florida. Good morning, Linzie. Reporter: Wildlife officials say they may have captured the Baer that attacked this Florida woman that happened in her yard inside this gated community behind me. This morning 45-year-old terry frana is recovering from an incredible bear attack. She's still traumatized from it all. Reporter: Frank frana says she was sitting inside this screened in porch Saturday night when she saw a couple of bears headed toward the front of the house. She left the back porch area, walked towards the driveway and saw five bears going through the trash art that's when he says the approximately 200-pound bear stood up on its hind legs and began mauling her. The bear actually had my wife's head in its mouth and started to drag her towards the woods. Reporter: But he says Terri, kicking, screaming and punching eventually got the chance and ran for her life. The bear's jaws let her head loose and then it started on her arm, she said, okay, and she just -- the adrenaline of it all she broke loose. Reporter: He says she ran into the house and collapsed. Her 15-year-old son found her and called 911. Doctors needing 30 staples to close the bite wounds to her head. She also suffered claw and bite wounds to her arms, shoulder and upper thigh area. Late last night, Florida fish and wildlife commission officials told us they killed one bear and tranquilized three others. And those three tranquilized bears also euthanized. Authorities say they'll run D this. A testing to see if they have the one that attacked Terri frana. Safe to say people, though, very much on edge. Some of them afraid to even go for walks in the neighborhood. Robin That's understandable. Linzie, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"A mother was brutally attacked by a black bear outside her home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23314949","title":"Neighborhood on Edge After Woman Mauled by Bear","url":"/GMA/video/bear-attack-florida-neighborhood-edge-woman-mauled-driveway-23314949"}