Beautiful at Every Age: How to Lose 10 Years in 60 Minutes

GMA Beauty Dream Team transforms audience member Glynette Ford.
3:00 | 03/26/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beautiful at Every Age: How to Lose 10 Years in 60 Minutes
Right now though we are just moment as way from the big reveal. Remember glynnette Ford entering the "Gma" time machine with our promise to make her look 10 years younger in 60 minutes. We're joined by her daughter and our "Gma" dream team headed by super stylist Gretta Monahan and Bobbi brown and we'll see how they transformed glynnette in just a bit but first ABC's Sara Haines brings us glynnette's story. Reporter: When "Gma" launched the lose 10 years in 60 minute series, we were inundated with hundreds of letters and videos but glynnette Ford stood out. My name is glynnette Ford from kill born, Texas. Reporter: The Texas teacher says she counts her blessings for her two beautiful daughters and a happy marriage but there's one thing she loses sleep about, how old she says she looks. I was at a movie theater and I received a senior citizen discount. I went places around town. They thought that I was my daughter's grandmother. Reporter: On more than one occasion glynnette who used to be commended for how young she looked has even been confused for her own mother's mother. It's very disheartening. Reporter: When she showed glynnette's photo to people on the street strangers weighed in with their own thoughts. How old do you think she is? Close to 70. 55. 63. Reporter: But glynnette's true age isn't 65. It's not even 55. What would you say if I told you she's 45? You heard me right. Glynnette is just 45. Oh. Reporter: Fortunately we've got just the beauty team to come to the rescue. Style guru Gretta Monahan, makeup artist to the stars Bobbi brown. Hairstylist Angelo David and Dr. Nancy Rosen. Glynnette is on a mission. Can our beauty dream team succeed? Find out now. All right, so before we reveal her let's take a look again at a before shot of glynnette, ready. There it is. And now, everybody, would you say it with me, lose 10 years! Glynnette, come on out. "Gma" time machine is working. Wow. Get out -- oh, my gosh. Glynnette, everybody. Amazing. And Gretta, walk her down the red carpet. This is the first time she's seen herself. I kept her blindfolded. What do you think, glynnette? How do you feel? Do you feel good. Oh, yes. I love your hair. Oh, thank you. This is your daughter obviously. What do you think of mom? She looks really good. And why did you feel like the time machine was a good idea? What was the goal here? I wanted to look better. Well, you are beautiful as you are but this is just fun and hot and amazing and there's the glam team. Bobbi, tell me what you did. Tips we can give our viewers. Dry skin, moisturizer is amazing and foundation that evens out your skin when you use a rich creamy one and the eyeliner that brought "Her" eyes. Beautiful. And blush on the cheeks. What a pop of pick. Angelo, how did her hair grow so fast in 60 minutes? Technology today. We did -- we went in and added golden highlights that compliment her skin with some extensions and length and body to work with her fine hair and created this amazing look and we worked with in that she had and plays into her eyes and bone structure. You are one of the best of the best. These are extensions obviously. What takeaway advice could you give viewers if you want to add a little length? You can at home -- you can buy stuff online, always great to go to a salon and seek an expert. You can play around. Dr. Rosen, couldn't do it without you. Her teeth needed a little whitening and with intense strips we lightened her teeth at least three shades and she looks ten years younger with whiter teeth. Glynnette, I'm blinded by your white teeth. You look so fantastic. Most important thing I think everybody wants to know how do you feel? When you look at yourself in our monitor, how are you feeling? Wonderful. Oh. Get over there with momma. And, guy, thank you very much to our team. Thank you for the great tips. Tune in tomorrow. We'll have another woman step into the very high-tech "Gma" time machine and our beauty dream team will help her lose 10 years in 60 minutes.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"GMA Beauty Dream Team transforms audience member Glynette Ford.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23063313","title":"Beautiful at Every Age: How to Lose 10 Years in 60 Minutes","url":"/GMA/video/beautiful-age-lose-10-years-60-minutes-23063313"}