Beauty Tips To Prepare for Spring for Under $40

Lifestyle Expert Limor Suss shares some affordable beauty products to help you stay beautiful in spring.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for Beauty Tips To Prepare for Spring for Under $40
And beauty it's not and any other things he has to make -- may via. And -- that sun has joined the -- and he didn't. And you're not a -- -- within. Its innocence it would come out of -- That's going into spring winter to spring into these -- out beauty and -- -- so if you had an issue. He's there great ways to help improve okay so it would be an ethics the first money isn't -- and sit this is that the department PM intensive overnight -- -- It's the first out overnight starting to work while you sleep so -- -- -- Our body repairs and regenerate or -- much faster rate. And this is the number one doctor and pharmacist approves recommended for -- for scars and it really helps. Improve the overall appearance of stars. Body your -- body stays -- you -- -- -- and you can see how nice and silky. The actual product isn't -- put it on you don't know who -- the -- didn't look nice with various outlets and -- -- into them for everybody over here right as anything in if you start going to score their personal and is practicing and -- -- -- and helping him out there and a last -- as well -- -- know these -- -- -- a few weeks after a few weeks I -- don't expect to work. Just because of overnight trend expected to -- overnight for it we're trying to -- apples -- so older stars it will take about three to six months and a new stars LT you know -- you think that even seen the result of seeing results yet definite if you want anything -- -- comment -- -- from -- Point yet you look this is really cool Greek yogurt moisturizing body will -- he -- Yet but yogurt Christine is actually -- for -- -- helps revitalize your skin's natural answer and -- this is the -- creek apartments rising body last. -- -- -- normal just put on. And and it really helps prisoners -- my skin is so drive from Atlanta on every -- breezy and acting head into the summer you want to make sure that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- system. It has there's a -- Rick. Some of the Atlantic there's either quit without aren't I thought that I'm in science so you don't buy yes it exactly and it's now ten -- -- Eight to 1080 treatment you can put -- the current board at the top coat of paint and and it really -- -- your damaged Brownell. You did you get you anything different husbands and he didn't have a old Jesse I don't know I don't know if you know I do us -- -- submit now -- Antarctic yet I think having that -- older that I -- the violence and yeah I didn't have an antenna doesn't now helps them out -- -- -- here we've looked like snow -- sounds like out patient. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. You. Protect days and it really helps with as such and I think -- -- and health threat. I noticed this about my hair as an independent -- an ice has an inheritance just -- -- -- beating the -- enough gas and also as we get older it's not just about getting gray -- and the fullness of the texture of Al shine to hair threatening everything everything after a candidate other eating better. And that's -- this declare -- -- I eight. I'll call her treatment is so it's a three step process what's nice about it eased it had a pre treatment text rising cream. -- hair color and has a conditioning there. And then so what is he just natural tears -- your hair color and fight the second. Seven eating and so the breathing as I don't answer whatever maybe this will play in all seven I think at Abington. And especially now now we have some thing really for GO isn't there man product and I guess you finally put this time commitment and you have this problem but this is -- Yeah well you certainly don't feel happier are good but -- that until there's been sickening Connie. What good that it's just plain not. But she and he -- air two times thicker and -- and fourteen need it really works that that your to keep your -- waste. I'd -- -- your hair fibers sick. To your Fuller -- -- All of these at drugstores all -- -- -- less than forty dollars that's anything at eighty you know. -- -- -- activity that we can beautify and yes I never gets that hits for the camera yeah and great.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Lifestyle Expert Limor Suss shares some affordable beauty products to help you stay beautiful in spring.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23034014","title":"Beauty Tips To Prepare for Spring for Under $40","url":"/GMA/video/beauty-tips-video-limor-suss-prepare-spring-40-23034014"}