'Argo' Film's Inspiration: The Real Tony Mendez

Ben Affleck, former CIA Agent Tony Mendez talk about adapting the true "Argo" story for film.
5:06 | 01/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Argo' Film's Inspiration: The Real Tony Mendez
When my favorite movies of the year is -- go up for five Golden Globes this -- including best director for Ben Affleck. It's a thriller based on the true story -- CIA agent Tony Mendez who hatched a plot to -- six Americans. During the 1979. Iran -- this crisis by having them pretend to be a film crew. Here's a look at how he did it. Good what's your job -- movie producer associate producer was less movie produced. -- -- -- compared to that sip -- with your middle name what's your middle name what's your middle name the offshoot of these Americans but. Look they're gonna try to break OK for trying to -- agitated. After an earlier -- back to do you really believe your little stories can make a difference who -- -- -- endurance. Famous -- is the only things when unit under him. And we are liking out of the first live interview Tony Mendez and Ben Affleck together thanks to you both but it really very much for having some have criticized -- -- -- He was okay. He's not good looking you know. Well I'm glad you brought that up because I did my research and I read that he was actually not your first choice to play Tony Mendez. Well the women removed and sorry that -- is not sitting here today influence -- again. -- with Sony's approach to its. Yeah. Baby yeah oh -- -- -- Yeah. It -- -- move the venue to Manhattan but. Submit your third choice but both agree to get this you know this real slice of -- that -- the first senators and you have to. I guess -- -- -- middle of it's never that good. I know you all work so well together and Tony -- you -- -- one of the most moving scenes from the film for me was when you receive. One of the highest decorations in the CIA and then it becomes so clear. The -- have to keep it secret yet no one's going to now. Many years and now thirty years later the whole world -- I was -- a terrible thing. Our job is to keep secrets not give way. But not to give them away but when it's time we I think one of the things the film does Bannister to give some perspective on the work. The CIA did an and then one of things -- gives you credit for is really. Being intruded deep tales -- so much of the actual day to day work of the CIA operative. -- aside from not being -- Smith you know Tony -- credit us with with. Trying to really be fastidious. In particular about Tony his story the sacrifice that our clandestine service goes through the way there. Their families their kids they don't get to see top that a foreign service and sex -- they make which of course we -- most tragic and dramatic form and Ghazi. And that it's you know the way that what these people do in silence. And without without acknowledgement that -- -- things that we've put -- out. I got my three year old she walks onto the soccer field units of participation trophy ahead and these guys are risking their lives and no -- Hearing about it and that's really what I wanted to honor with the smoke. What does -- thing you want -- people most -- now about that story in particular. Well I think the -- -- be nice if we weren't portrayed has deranged assassin. You know so the fact is we're human beings and we have families -- We -- to -- job every day like most people and we prevail. You prevail in -- I loved the story of when you're shooting the film you actually a little cameo appearance in the -- at the complaint brings his whole family. Yeah I was like I had going to be in the past Tony we're going to be in the movies absolutely at the airport -- you sing about -- FM it's very moving cigarette. Suddenly in my life should be with -- -- Johnson -- if he -- what about the kids and okay. Everything good about my cousin -- and a highly effective -- this tour group that says. Bring the bad -- both appear between. Probably not only you get to be in the -- -- your entire family does and you get the recognition. He deserved. After so long and and. -- going to be gratifying to you as well this is a serious adult movie. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean for one thing as a conventional business as people -- adult -- people see movies in the middle of these people mostly. Movies that I have complicated themes and -- her lot of nay saying it was really encouraging to have. People see the movie ultimately and and a movie that deals with things like. You know this is the inception of our our relationship with Iran which still continues to be extremely thorny and probably the foremost foreign policy issue for the United States of America. And also tells a very human story about a got the CIA and one where nobody comes out and uses again it's not as he says that an assassin. Ninja movie it's about solving these problems. Particularly sensitive diplomacy -- -- and it's. That is the last word today Asia and a things they want to -- is being released in theaters across the country this Friday.

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{"id":18160818,"title":"'Argo' Film's Inspiration: The Real Tony Mendez ","duration":"5:06","description":"Ben Affleck, former CIA Agent Tony Mendez talk about adapting the true \"Argo\" story for film.","url":"/GMA/video/ben-affleck-tony-mendez-interview-argo-director-inspiration-18160818","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}