Best Black Friday Deals From Electronics to Furniture

Deals at Sam's Club, Apple and Walmart top Becky Worley's list of best Black Friday bargains.
3:00 | 11/29/13

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Transcript for Best Black Friday Deals From Electronics to Furniture
It is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. All morning long, we've been telling you about some of the best deals you can get right now. And "gma" contributor becky worley has been at it all night long. She joins us via skype from oakland, california, with some of the best deals out there right now. Becky, take it away. Reporter: Dan, black friday is dead. Long live black friday. The deals and the door-busters started yesterday. The online sales started rolling out after halloween. But don't worry. I know this is a cultural experience for us all. And there are still deals out there. Shopping on thanksgiving day. Yep. Lots of the biggest door-busters came and went yesterday. But good news. Many stores held fast to the black friday tradition and are offering their best deals today. Let's start with sam's club. They have this vizio tv for $498. 150 bucks off. Radio shack has this ultraportable laptop for $249. 75 off. Apple has their only sale of the year today, with many, not all, of their most popular products, 10% to 15% off. Nordstroms has a beauty bargain thing going. This clarisonic facial brush on sale for $99, $26 off. And cabela's has this. A camouflage recliner. It completes your "duck dynasty" decorating theme. Many stores that offered door-busters yesterday, have a new set of door-busters rolling out today. Walmart will have their entire lego and barbie collection marked down 30% until 2:00 p.M. Appliance prices are also slashed today. This washer/dryer combo is $499, $200 off at kmart. I think dad would like a pressure washer this christmas. Just $69. Discount, $30. Who wouldn't want a pressure washer for christmas? And most mom and pop local stores are open today with their own discounts. And finally, you could just stay AT HOME IN YOUR PJs AND SHOP John line. 70% of black friday deals are available online at the same price. If you only have a few targeted items, you're better off saving the gas and avoiding impulse buys by shopping online. So, whether you're headed out or you're going to try to find some digital deals, I have a list of my 21 top best smokin'-hot deals. They're all at "good morning america" at yahoo!.Com. I know ron claiborne is running out. You're right. Dan, bianna, you going to go out there and brave it? I'm going to have dan do my shopping for me this year. Every year. I run a little personalized concierge service. I think it's possible to make impulse buys on the internet. I've done it. When the site works, yeah. Thank you, becky. Thanks, becky.

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{"id":21048272,"title":"Best Black Friday Deals From Electronics to Furniture","duration":"3:00","description":"Deals at Sam's Club, Apple and Walmart top Becky Worley's list of best Black Friday bargains.","url":"/GMA/video/best-black-friday-deals-electronics-furniture-21048272","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}