Best Days to Shop for Summer Savings

Consumer savings expert shares shopping tips and the best days to shop for deals.
2:19 | 07/11/14

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Transcript for Best Days to Shop for Summer Savings
Great, great advice. Up next on "Heat index," shopping secrets. Before you head out to the stores you may want to check your calendar because the best bargains often depend on the day of the week and ABC's Brandi Hitt has everything you need to know. ? Reporter: The hunt for the best summer savings is all about knowing when to hit the stores. And it could be as easy as looking at your calendar. The best deals may be during the week and depending on which day you shop you can save even more. Reporter: We went shopping with consumer savings expert Andreas. You can look for deals on cell phones and tablets Mondays. And says Mondays are the best days to buy electronics. Electronic manufacturers release rebates and discounts on Mondays so the retailers pass those on to the consumers. Reporter: She recommends waiting till Tuesday to buy airfare where you can save up to $236 on average achording to cheap Tuesdays are also great for movie deals. You can get discounts for adults for as little as $5 per ticket blue discounts on concessions. Reporter: Stock up your fridge on Wednesday. That's when grocers release weekly circulars and some offer double coupons. You can find the best discounts for clothes Thursdays. Of course, now is the best time to shop for your summer clothes. Reporter: That's when Andrea says they start marking it down before the weekend crowd hits. Beebe just marked down their sales by 50%. What is the hot item you recommend buying right now? Retailers are clearing out their summer inventory so find huge sales on maxi dress, tank tops. Reporter: On Friday look for deals on accessories. During the weekend most have lower gas prices according to gasp buddy and on Sundays you can find great bargains on Paige appliances. July is also a good month to purchase new furniture with retailers clearing out old inventory. You can save big, sometimes 60%. Reporter:' Ya suggests waiting to buy school supplies. Retailers begin marking down items in July but if you hold off until August that's when you see a bigger discount. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Brandi Hitt, ABC news,

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{"id":24520247,"title":"Best Days to Shop for Summer Savings","duration":"2:19","description":"Consumer savings expert shares shopping tips and the best days to shop for deals. ","url":"/GMA/video/best-days-shop-summer-savings-24520247","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}