Best Shopping Deals You'll Find on Thanksgiving Day

Retail giants are opening earlier than ever to slash prices on electronics.
2:13 | 11/27/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Best Shopping Deals You'll Find on Thanksgiving Day
Well now to the holiday shopping madness. The craziness kicking off this morning. So many store, so many different offers, what should you be buying now and what can wait? ABC's Becky Worley tracked down the best deals you no. Good morning to you, Becky. Happy thanks fri-cyber-giving. The deals are there for the taking. This sales season is a price slashing dog fight between retail giants opening earlier than ever today. Target's offering free shipping on everything and Walmart and Amazon are undercutting each other like we've never seen. Let's start with TV deals. The HDTV discounts this year are best of the best we've never seen prices like we're currently seeing right now. Why? There's no significant new TV technology. As a result, retailers only have one way to get you to buy a new one, drop the price. Kohl's opening their doors at 6 P.M. Has a 32-inch TV for $99. Walmart rolls out this deal at 6 P.M., a 65-inch vizi oh that's $450 off its Normal price. Next apple deals. Their store and website have their once yearly sale on black Friday. But what's new this year, the best deals are actually today. Bundled with gift cards, new iPads are the equivalent of $100 off at target starting at 6 P.M. Pc laptop deals compelling. Stapleses has a $99 ASUs. Grab it when the doors open at 6 P.M. Bare bone, low specifications but it's a laptop for $100. Reporter: But if you really, really want to hit the stores on Thanksgiving night these are some of the best deals out there. Gopro camera head to target. Bundled with a gift card for the equivalent of $100 off. Beats headphones, Best Buy has the best price, $80 off, xbox one Walmart bundle with a gift card that's $470 worth of gaming fun for $329. That's electronics. When it comes everything else, toys, shoe, the sales would be good tomorrow. Stay home with your family today, Amy.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Retail giants are opening earlier than ever to slash prices on electronics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27216252","title":"Best Shopping Deals You'll Find on Thanksgiving Day","url":"/GMA/video/best-shopping-deals-find-thanksgiving-day-27216252"}