Best ways to save on holiday shopping

Sales events occur on more than just the one day of "Black Friday."
1:54 | 11/12/17

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Transcript for Best ways to save on holiday shopping
??? This morning in our "Weekend download" is there really such a thing as Black Friday anymore? Becky rorly is here with more. You say this one-dae sale event became a season? Yeah, thanks a lot, retailers. Take something simple and make it complicated. Spanning weeks, and yes, in some case the entire month of November. Shop now if you want to get a jump on things. But the best single day of deals will be, Thanksgiving day. Oy. Now we have to spend Thanksgiving day shopping? Now, I understand that some things will be scarce this year. So your advice was don't wait for a deal. On a few items. Our friends at deal have a list of hard to find items. First some of the gaming consoles. X box one X. Nes classic. And Nintendo switch. If it's a must-have item, grab it. Same for hot toys. Hatchimals, fingerlings. And this electronic porg. He makes funky noises. That's a "Star wars" character owned by our parent company, Disney. What if you buy something and it goes on sale later? Entire's remorse. It stings. Many retailers have a price guarantee. They'll refund you the difference if something you buy gets a price cut. This a there are apps Yo can you use to price check after the sale. Paribus and erny are my favorites. Get your shopping on, girl. Thank you, Becky. We'll be back right after this with some "Pop news."

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{"id":51096068,"title":"Best ways to save on holiday shopping","duration":"1:54","description":"Sales events occur on more than just the one day of \"Black Friday.\" ","url":"/GMA/video/best-ways-save-holiday-shopping-51096068","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}