Beyonce and Daughter Blue Ivy Don Matching Swimsuits

Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories in "GMA" Pop News.
4:11 | 08/23/15

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Transcript for Beyonce and Daughter Blue Ivy Don Matching Swimsuits
All the conditions are set for "Pop news." Let's do it. It is type. Beyonce knows a thing or two about fashion and intent to pass it on to her mini-me. Check out these adorable photos she posted to her website showing her and 3-year-old black ivy and black and white matching snakeskin swimsuits but the two fashionistas taking in the sights on their boat trip outside New York City. Mom has a decidedly more formal look on the cover of September "Vogue" up for five awards on the mtv music awards. That girl is so set up for glory, though. No pressure. If you saw my bathing suit, they were like little mermaids. She has snakeskin. Her game is already better than mine. Most of your bathing suits still have murphs on them. You weren't supposed to reveal that. "Full house" fans got their fix of the tanner family. Lifetime airing its unauthorized telling movie. Dave coulier almost wasn't on the show because he was offered a role on "Saturday night live" bu ended up getting cut at the last minute. John Stamos tried to get the Olsen fans fired supposedly. It's unauthorized. The original cast is weighing in on the movie. Candace Cameron Bure who played dj tweeted so bad, just so bad. This from Andrea barber who played kimmy gibbler. Basically I'm going to be making this face all night. Does that mean they liked it or not. I think that means not so much. I don't think they were going for quality on the movie. Well, all the unauthorized ones. Have you seen the actors that play them? Yeah. More of a "Sharknado" spoof. We'll go with that, rob. They'll have to wait for "Fuller house" with the real people. Next, something that may be the ultimate hair of the dog. Breakfast beers. It seems the new craze combines involving your best brew with your favorite childhood cereal. They're launching toaster pastry, it's a pop-tart beer. They do admit it's not part of a balanced breakfast but no complaints here. Surprisingly other cereal inspired beers already exist like cafe wheaties by Fulton brewery in Minneapolis and seriously count chocula heading to the tap at black bottle brewery in Colorado. Can you imagine if they made a beer out of your favorite cereal. Some of them sound disgusting. I would do a beer with wine, a cereal with wine, not beer. A cereal with wine. Can't back you up there. Cabernet. I add environment your adventurous spirit. Pretzels and ice cream sound delicious. Beer and cereal. Not so much. No, I agree. You were trying to follow me, right? I'm always trying to follow you. Pretzels and ice cream. It's a girl thing. We have got it, salty and sweet. The director is kind of -- Finally, the couple documenting their new addition to the family with a hilarious photo shoot. Matt and Abbie were excited to welcome Humphrey in their home and hired a photographer friend to re-create the shots many new parents have in their album and may serve to quiet questions from the in-laws about whether or not a baby is on the way. Now, from the looks of it they've got their hands full. I support this fully because I have two fur babies that I get upset -- Look at that swaddle. That is awesome. Oh, that's cute. Fantastic. In all truth everyone has seen this in their news feed. Those family shots and love seeing your babies but that's a lot of babies. I know. Add some dogs. I'm guilty on that one. Time for the grade. "F" minus. Oh. Misdirection play. My job is done here. Thank you. Coming up the prestige for Ron Claiborne. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Sara Haines reports the buzziest stories in \"GMA\" Pop News.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33260621","title":"Beyonce and Daughter Blue Ivy Don Matching Swimsuits","url":"/GMA/video/beyonce-daughter-blue-ivy-don-matching-swimsuits-33260621"}