Beyonce Says 'Epic' Character's Voice 'Confused' Blue Ivy

Singer chats about her 2-year-old daughter's reaction to watching a cartoon with her mom's voice.
3:43 | 05/20/13

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Transcript for Beyonce Says 'Epic' Character's Voice 'Confused' Blue Ivy
Beyonce's back in the news with all of the reports that baby number two is on the way. Abc's amy robach talked to the superstart about the first baby. Her insecurities about getting into the concert costumes. And her brand-new movie, one she says she has a real connection to. Reporter: It's the five little words that fueled a media frenzy. I would like more children. Reporter: Days later, re-igniting rumors that the superstar might be pregnant, beyonce canceled a show under doctor's records. And over weekend, e! News ran wild with the reports of a pregnancy. But queen b. Is keeping mum. The show must go on. But in a role like we've never seen beyonce never before, in the upcoming animated film, "epic" she reigns over the forest. I was connected to the character. She is so graceful. I wish I could be that graceful. It's so beautiful to see that and hear my crazy voice. It's so strange. Reporter: Did blue watch it with you when you watched it back? She's not 2 yet. So, her attention span is not as long. She fell asleep. But she was confused. Like, why is that voice coming out of that queen? But hopefully I can use that when I need her to behave. Reporter: And beyonce is constantly shifting gears from mom to song. ♪ ♪ killing me softly ♪ Reporter: To an up close and person documentary, "life is but a dream." What are your tough times? I have my nights of restlessness. My days of mistakes. Everything that everyone goes through, the insecurity, you know, trying to get back in the groove. You know, fighting -- Repter: You h to get back in the groove? Come on. 60 pounds. That was not easy. Reporter: And in this sizzling hot pepsi commercial, we got to see the evolution of queen b. I had to get back in the clothes from 1998. Some of them -- Reporter: You still look good. We had to add a little fabric. And going back into time, having to really relive those moments and see how much I've grown -- Reporter: Do you have a favorite moment, looking back? I think probably "crazy in love" was my favorite moment. I became a woman during that time. And I met my husband during that time. And I think I became the artist that I am. Reporter: Something that she knew at a very young age. I remember telling my mom, one day, I'm going to do that. And my mom's like, yeah, baby, okay. Uh-huh. Sure. It's funny because in the film, there's a young girl that is a big fan of queen tara. And she is like, oh, my god, she's awesome. And her mom is like, yeah. She's the queen. I don't know if that's ever going to happen for you, baby. And she ends up becoming the queen. And it's just so important to believe and to have a dream. You just never know what's going to end up happening for you in your life. You heard her. You never know. "Epic" hits theaters on may 24th. And join her tour, beyonce and her wonderful mom, tina knowles, have launched a backstage with beyonce auction. All the proceeds go to miss a meal campaign. It's an organization devoted to battling hunger. And the lucky winning bidder and one guest will spend the day behind the scenes and meet beyonce. To learn more, go to goodmorningamerica.Com right now. Let's get back, now, to sam,

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{"id":19215799,"title":"Beyonce Says 'Epic' Character's Voice 'Confused' Blue Ivy","duration":"3:43","description":"Singer chats about her 2-year-old daughter's reaction to watching a cartoon with her mom's voice.","url":"/GMA/video/beyonce-interview-2013-singer-epic-characters-voice-confused-19215799","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}