Bikers Attack Driver After Accident: Caught on Tape

A banker was beaten in front of his family after an incident with a group of motorcyclists.
2:51 | 10/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Bikers Attack Driver After Accident: Caught on Tape
Now, to a frightening motorcycle chase through the streets of new york city, all caught on tape. An suv involved in a hit and run with a group riding motorcycles. The bikers going after the suv. A high-speed chase, they finally caught up and pulled the driver out. A shocking confrontation again. All caught on tape. Abc's linzie janis has the story for us. Reporter: This is the moment a family's sunday outing turned into a terrifying run for their lives. Watch as some 30 bikers take over this new york highway, surrounding the family in this black range rover. The confrontation starts when this biker suddenly slows down. Apparently, unable to brake in time, the driver of the suv hits him, breaking his leg. Within seconds, the entire motorcycle gang grinds to a halt. Then, a critical moment not caught on camera. Police say at least one of the bikers slashed the suv's tires. That's when things get really ugly. Look again. The suv takes off, mowing down some of the bikers. Police say the driver, a 33-year-old banker in the car with his wife and young child, feared for their lives. But his brazen attempt to escape only further enrages the bikers. Kicking off a nearly three-mile high-speed chase, until the motorcyclists swarm the suv, forcing it to stop. That's when one rider ditches his bike and tears open the door of the suv. The driver speeds off again. He's not safe for long. Now trapped in traffic on this manhattan street, the bikers attack. One smashing the driver's side window with his helmet. That's when the video cuts out. Police say the driver's nightmare continues, beaten in front of his family. This photo on the cover of today's "new york post" captures the terrifying ending. He is taken out of the car. He is assaulted. He received some stitches at colombian presbyterian hospital. Reporter: The bikers were part of a group called hollywood stunts. Hollywood stunts told us under no circumstances do we condone any type of violence, hate or riding that can harm pedestrians or riders. The incident that occurred in upper manhattan was very unfortunate and disturbing. We spoke to a friend of the family in the suv. They're doing their best to recover. Police this morning, guys, appealing to anybody who might know who the bikers are. Very interestingly, this may not have started with a fender-bender. Something happened beforehand. We don't know. We only know what we see on the video. Nothing justifies that kind of reaction.

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{"id":20429199,"title":"Bikers Attack Driver After Accident: Caught on Tape","duration":"2:51","description":"A banker was beaten in front of his family after an incident with a group of motorcyclists. ","url":"/GMA/video/biker-gang-attacks-driver-accident-caught-tape-20429199","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}