O'Reilly: 'Benghazi a Big Story' and Obama's 'Drowning In It'

The Fox News host talks about IRS and Benghazi dust-ups the White House is facing.
2:50 | 05/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for O'Reilly: 'Benghazi a Big Story' and Obama's 'Drowning In It'
The attorney general will answer questions later today. More withill o'reilly, host of "the o'reilly factor" on fox news, best-selling actor with a new book "keep it pithy." Let's start out with these investigations. First the new one overnight, ap subpoenaed by the justice department. Yeah, I mean I don't think that going tomount to much because it looks lik they went through the warrant process and they had authorization to look at these records. The justice department did. But president obama, he's got some problems now. He better start to get control of the situation because there's a lot of stuff going on. A lot is coming at him. You've got the justice department investigation. You've got the irs investigation. You've got benghazi all at the same time. This feels like that second term curse we hear so much about. You know it better than anyone. If a president starts to lose control of the agenda and is on the defensive all the time, can't govern. So if I were barack obama, i would hold a press conference and clear the air and start to tell -- I'm not saying that he's lying, but he certainly can clarify the stories. Let's take the first one. The white house is not allowed to talk to the irs. I absolutely believe it so he's got to tell that to the american people. Not you and me. Him. But benghazi, he's got exposure on that all day long. Get up there and explain what happened. Starting with ambassador rice. Who told her to say it? You explain it, mr. President. Hasn't he done that? No, he hasn't done it, george, unless you were on vacation. He hasn't done it, all right. He needs to do it. Who did it? Do you know who told rice to do it? We know where the talking points came from. Do you know who told rice to mislead everybody. I don't think she would told to mislead anybody. She was given talking points -- by who. Prepared by the cia with added -- who? Who gave her, handed her these talking points that turned 0 out to be bogus? We need to know the name, who that person was, where it came from and who ordered that. What difference will that make if the white house has already put out the talking points and said that they were written by the cia with the input of other agencies? Okay, because the cia denies it. Petraeus was uncomfortable with it. He was the cia chief, all right, so there's no clarity in this. And the president is the leader of the nation. A leader provides clarity. So your basic point, he's just got to get a lot more aggressive with this? He's got to start to basically define the stories. I believe him on the irs. I don't think the ap is going to be that big a deal. They'll have to say why they wanted the records, but benghazi, that's a big story and he's drowning in it and he better get on top of it because if not it'll go on forever.

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{"id":19174488,"title":"O'Reilly: 'Benghazi a Big Story' and Obama's 'Drowning In It'","duration":"2:50","description":"The Fox News host talks about IRS and Benghazi dust-ups the White House is facing.","url":"/GMA/video/bill-oreilly-interview-2013-benghazi-big-story-obamas-19174488","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}