Billie Jean King Talks US Open, Serena Williams

The tennis legend shares her thoughts on the tournament and Serena Williams' attempt to win a Grand Slam.
3:58 | 09/11/15

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Transcript for Billie Jean King Talks US Open, Serena Williams
We're honored to have Billie Jean king here with us as we were watching like everybody else what took place here in new York and at the Pentagon and shanksville and I know 9/11 is a special day for you too. I was here in New York but more importantly I'm a daughter of a police officer and a firefighter. In his career that's what his life was about, serving others so to everyone who made a difference with 9/11 and beyond, obviously it's still affecting us so I just want to thank everyone. That's how we feel. Even 14, 14 years later. Here we are. It was a couple days after the open. Tuesday morning after the open which finished -- I don't at the pentag Pentagon, in shanksville, Pennsylvania, where those heroes prevented even greater tragedy, that plane was heading for the capitol, heading for the white house. You see that moment there this morning as a nation remembers that moment 14 years ago when almost 3,000 gave their lives. Andrew Anthony -- The names being read out at the Pentagon in shanksville at world trade center. We all remember and honor their sacrifice. And we'll be right back. Anc Ou tnnhis has been a special report from ABC news. Radar. Probably likes it that way. I think Federer still gets it, 34. Everyone is getting anxious about him. Please don't quit. You can understand the importance of what Serena is trying to accomplish. Well -- How hard it is to do. It's really hard. She would be the fourth woman in the history -- we're over 100 years old, our sport. Marie Connelly, Margaret comport '70, Graf in '8. Two men have only done it. Rod laver who did it twice in the calendar year so it's so rare. I hope if it happens that steffi Graf is there. I would love to see her owe open. That would be great. I want to talk to you, this is another reason why you're here, people don't realize that September is AFib month. First of all explain what it is. AFib did an irregular heartbeat. I have AFib. One out of every three people that have AFib are going to have a permanent -- are going to have a stroke that will leave them permanently disaged. That's one of three who have it. So if you have AFib, what jerry west and I have done we joined with Jansen to start this website, and you can go to this and calculate your own stroke risk and that way every time somebody does go to it, Jansen will give a contribution to mended hearts with which is a nonprofit peer-to-peer group network that helps heart patients, so it's very important to me personally. How were you diagnosed? I fainted -- you know, I've never gotten dizzy a long time ago, it was well over ten years. I just played tennis. We just came back to the apartment. I just got out of the taxi and I started to black out and I caught myself. So I got so scared. I did not have a cardiologist, I went upstairs starting finding out, went and found out I have AFib so there's this once daily, you know, medication you can take or just whatever, but pay attention, make sure you always talk to your doctor. Make sure you check in because stroke risk can change over time. You're doing well. I'm doing great. Okay. But I'm like a fanatic with my pedestrian indications. Good for you. Getting -- You went through hell and back. I will see you out at flushing this weekend. Excellent. You'll be at the finals. I will. Be there on the court. Trophy presentation? That is huge. Ex squeeze me.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"The tennis legend shares her thoughts on the tournament and Serena Williams' attempt to win a Grand Slam.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33682642","title":"Billie Jean King Talks US Open, Serena Williams","url":"/GMA/video/billie-jean-king-talks-us-open-serena-williams-33682642"}