BJ Novak Talks About His New Film About McDonald's 'The Founder'

The actor discusses his role in the upcoming film starring Michael Keaton.
7:43 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for BJ Novak Talks About His New Film About McDonald's 'The Founder'
The best audience of the week. The best audience. For to you say it on Friday is a big deal? Usually we say that on Monday. That's a big deal. We have a very special guest this morning. You know him from "The office," a writer, director, author and an actor and stars in a brand-new movie with Michael Keaton. "Weekend at Bernie's 9." Absolutely a beautiful and brilliant man. George, I'm not hearing you. We need to get this intro right. Was I not laying it on thick enough, B.J.? Martin scorsese and fuller house with. Complicated journey we'd all be lucky to be on with this man. We should all write our own INT intros, B.J. Novak, everyone. Thank you. Good to see you. Good to see you. Have a seat. I was about to yell at the control room. The control room was unlocked and felt I could help you out and wanted to do my part. It was going good until they put that camera on you and crushed it. TV is complicated and you have hard jobs so I wanted to keep things moving. We appreciate that. You're quite the prankster. You got your start on "Punk'd" and we loved "The office". Yeah. But you always have been a jokester. We actually have a little throwback photo that we found of you. You've always kind of been this guy. Look at that. Is that some kind of prank? Was that shirt a joke? Ah. That was the coolest I ever thought I was. That's my high school yearbook photo. You look the same. Wow. '97. Well, I've simplified my look, but, yeah. It was that long ago. Yeah. Yeah, that's when I first met B.J., you come by your sense of human naturally, your dad, author, "Die laughing." Buy this book, fund my dad's retirement so I don't have to. My mom wrote that blurb. I have a funny family trying to send a message whether this does well so thanks for plugging it. Maybes my life easier. Love the message in "The founder" that's coming out. Congratulations. "The founder." The McDonald's franchise which all of us are fascinated by and Michael Keaton and said you were a fan of his since he played Batman. You were 10. I loved that Batman. I loved it so much I still remember June 19th because that was the date the suel was coming out. Wow. For like a year straight I was like June 19th and now every time it's June 19th it's like the "Batman" day. Also your birthday. That's the other reason I think of it now but, yeah. Thank you. I've always loved Michael Keaton. You guys are gold on screen together. You play a financial manager for McDonald's. I play the first -- becomes the first president of McDonald's and he's the guy who kind of gives him the idea to take it to -- gives him a financial trick that lets it become what it ends up being. The operator selects the site. Yeah. He picks the property? Right. You provide the training, the system, the operational know-how and he is responsible for the rest. Is there a problem. A big one. You don't seem to realize what business you're in. You're not in the burger business. You're in the real estate business. Oh. I heard the producers ask you if you had done any research for that role. Will you tell everybody the research you did to perfect the role. Having been to McDonald's. Yeah. I went to McDonald's and tasted everything. Sent me back $10. They need to reimburse me for that. Really incredible to see where it went. You see in the movie it was like a mom and pop burger stand of just exceptional perfectionist quality at this one location and Michael Keaton's character had the vision for it and saw where it could go to like every corner in America but the battle, it's sort of like he's the world -- he's a race car driver who is being a backseat driver. Like he knows how to take it there but they don't necessarily want to go there so it's a real great push and pull of American business. What was it like working with somebody you idolized as a kid? It's really exciting and especially, you know, I have a lot of big monologue moments in the movie so Michael Keaton is just sitting across from me going like -- you know, which is sort of the famous Michael Keaton face so that's a very fun thing to be right up close with an icon like that of your life. Great? We got to thank you. You gave us a shoutout on Twitter I'll be on "Gma" talking about "The founder" but only because Bob Saget wouldn't book me on "Wake up San Francisco." Take a look. We saw that. Good morning. It's time to wake up, San Francisco. I'm Danny tanner? And I'm Rebecca Donaldson. That's your big competitor, right? Yes. But he's a competitor and a friend, please welcome Bob Saget. What? Bob. Wake up, B.J. Novak. See there. I'm right here. Can you hear me? Can you see me? Yeah, I do. Yo, B.J., I feel really bad. I would have made the Danny tanner move to the producers of "Wake up, France" to promote "The founder" and you because you know I love you but it's now on "Fuller house" it's called "Wake up, usa." I got promoted so I'll talk to the dude and get you the gig. You'll come on promote your movie because you're great in T you know I love you like a small child that became a man. Thank you for the bar mitzvah benediction. And thank you for booking me on -- I did hear that you -- you're on "Wake up usa" on the new series so I got to congratulate you on that. Thank you. We'll be holding a press conference. I'm giving "Gma" and you the exclusive. You'll be on. Bob -- That's a very cool surprise. Yeah. Thank you for getting up and as you said you've known this young man since he was at Harvard, correct? When he was about 22 years old, B.J. Was at Harvard and did a job called "The B.J. Show" and put me in and honored me for 2 1/2 hours and became a member of the Harvard lampoon and, B.J., we did a "Full house" sketch and he played uncle Jesse. Because Danny tanner was taken. That's right. Yeah. I play the guy that didn't -- I was very naive. Anyway, congratulations, B.J. Very r-rated sketch. It's not morning show friendly. No. But it was a great time. I got to say. Bob, thank you. It really was and my pleasure. Amazing to see you, Bob. Thank you, Bob. Love you, B.J. Not the only one with surprises. You got a surprise for me too. That was very cool. Thank you for coming in. Thank you for having me. Nationwide next Friday and

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"The actor discusses his role in the upcoming film starring Michael Keaton. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44748272","title":"BJ Novak Talks About His New Film About McDonald's 'The Founder' ","url":"/GMA/video/bj-novak-talks-film-mcdonalds-founder-44748272"}