Black Friday Aftermath Video: Hot Deals Mayhem

John Schriffen, Reena Ninan review the latest from the wild holiday shopping day.
5:10 | 11/24/12

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Transcript for Black Friday Aftermath Video: Hot Deals Mayhem
Alex, thank you. The smoke is now clearing from the black friday fireworks which started earlier than ever, on thanksgiving night. Millions of americans hit the malls in a mad dash to get their hands on hot holiday deals at rock-bottom prices. And abc's john schriffen found himself in the middle of the mayhem and joins us from kmart in new york city. I saw you tweeted, what a difference a day makes. Reporter: It is so different here. I feel like I can come out of hiding right now because things have certainly calmed down. At least here at this kmart. Now, the past two days, everything you can imagine has been flying off the shelves, with early indications that this could be one of the most profitable black fridays for retailers ever. That's, in large part, due to the door-buster deals that had people acting like -- well, I'll let you be the judge. Here we go. Reporter: At midnight friday, when the gates went the crowds poured into this victoria's secret, all for this. A shiny gift bag, filled with perfume and lotions. When these prepaid cell phones were unleashed in georgia, the crowd pounced. One woman appears to have someone's hand in her mouth. Walmart says no one got hurt. A SCRAMBLE FOR DVDs AT ANOTHER Walmart in san diego. To this rush on a forever 21. Please, slow down. People are going to get hurt. Reporter: In massachusetts, a toddler loaded into an ambulance, after police say he was left in a parked car at 1:30 in the morning, while his caregiver went shopping in kmart for a 50-inch tv. In san antonio, officials say a man tried to punch his way into this sears, prompting another man to pull a gun. Police departments handed out shopping safety tips in malls. In l.A., We've had a stronger presence. So, people can be out there and enjoy the day. Reporter: Many shoppers got just what they came for and had fun doing it. It's beencrazy. The deals are great. The lines are long. But it's definitely worth being out here. It's fun to me to come out with everybody and just grab things that you can't really afford. I have fun doing it. Reporter: It looks like consumers are willing to spend more this year. 17% of shoppers spent more than $700. Up from just 10% of shoppers last year. And nearly 67% of shoppers went out early for those thanksgiving night deals, instead of waiting until black friday. The national retail federation is predicting a booming holiday. 586 billion in sales, up 4% from last year. Now, retailers haven't released their official black friday profits just yet. But the good newr shoppers, if you haven'teen out to the stores, many of the deals will last the entire weekend. Check out the deals we found at this kmart. These items are more than half price now. This microwave, 59 bucks. And this bike, $80. Back to you. I think you deserve hazard pay for three days in the mall. With the holiday shopping stampede in full effect, what is actually selling? Abc's reena ninan is in washington, d.C., With that part of the story. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, dan. With sales starting so early, retailers say they got an early heads-up on the shopping this christmas season. It was pretty hard to ignore the deals.And the new gadgets. Like your own drone. Apple, playing hard to get, wouldn't announce their deals until friday morning. Flashing ipads, ipods and accessory prices to compete with stores, like target. Offering as much as $60 gift cards with a purchase of certain ipads. And some deals were announced via twitter. What were the big sellers in this year's black friday sales. Pretty similar to last year. ELECTRONICS, VIDEO GAMES, TVs, Toys. Reporter: Bradsdeals.Com said the most popular deal was a vizio 60-inch hd-tv, for $688 at walmart. Target staffers tell us board games, furby. Yes, furby is back. Along with traditional favorites, barbie. Also hard to keep stock, some believe this year's hot ticket ITEM, Wii U, WATCH TV ANDLAY Games all at the same time. They check out the deals and find out something else is wonderful that they need to have. Or makes a great gift for someone else. Reporter: Like brookstone's a.R. Drone. Gathering himmages from above isn't just for the cia or the pentagon. This quadracopter is filled with cameras that can film above and below. No major price slashing here. But brookstone says that didn't matter. They're flying off the shelves. Cyber monday may be a thing of the past because the deals started so early. Walmart says they'll match prices bought from things from november 1st to christmas day. I bought a $10 slow-cooker. I don't know what you cook in a slow-cooker. But it looked appealing to you. That's right. Great to see you.

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{"id":17798491,"title":"Black Friday Aftermath Video: Hot Deals Mayhem","duration":"5:10","description":"John Schriffen, Reena Ninan review the latest from the wild holiday shopping day.","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-aftermath-video-hot-deals-mayhem-17798491","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}