Black Friday Secrets: 'Bricks and Clicks'

Best Buy Online president Scott Durschlag explains how to find the hottest deals.
2:15 | 11/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Black Friday Secrets: 'Bricks and Clicks'
It's called power week shopping. Let's discuss that. That is the question. Do you have to give up your holiday to go fight those crowds to get the big deals? There's such great deals online these days. Why battle those crowds and go to the stores? Joining us, now, from minneapolis, the president of best buy online, scott dorschlag. Thanks for joining us. You're the president of best buy online. So, why shouldn't we just have our turkey dinner and just move to the computer and do all the shopping we just heard john tell us about? Well, you know, really high-tech requires high-touch, josh. You can browse online. Do your shopping in the morning. Have your turkey in the afternoon. Line up your day for going into the stores on friday. And hit the stores early and get the best of both the online and offline deals. It's really brick and clay. It's not bricks and clay. Are things like black friday, are they tent poles for you? Are they things you focus upon? Absolutely. Thanks giving is our biggest day online, actually, of the year. And cyber monday follows after it. And for us, we're actually doing our cyber monday deals on sunday. So, it's kind of both days. And then, we're following it up through the week. This is power week that we kicked off monday, with a big event for our best customers. And then, next week is cyber week. It's kind of two weeks of shopping heaven for consumers. And quickly, we've seen social media impact everything. How is it impacting the holiday shopping season? It's really interesting. There's a lot of sort of social media sites. You know, the twittersphere. As soon as hot deals come on, they get tweeted around or it hits the blogs. And the traffic just floods. You get peaks within minutes. When we put up a hot deal, like we're doing an amazing deal on a 55-inch samsung l.E.D. Tv right now. As soon as we put it up, literally, within a minute, we had a flood of traffic come in because it was tweeted out right away by some of the sites. 'Tis the season of bricks and clay. Scott durchslag, we appreciate the time this morning.

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{"id":17785652,"title":"Black Friday Secrets: 'Bricks and Clicks'","duration":"2:15","description":"Best Buy Online president Scott Durschlag explains how to find the hottest deals.","url":"/GMA/video/black-friday-secrets-bricks-clicks-17785652","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}