Blizzard Moves Toward Northeast

After bringing record snowfall to mid-America, winter storm targets New York, New England.
4:27 | 12/27/12

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Transcript for Blizzard Moves Toward Northeast
It's this -- again. Little coast to coast. It has stopped this country this is the storm we've been talking about since the weekend and -- yesterday -- delivered all the snow let me show you some pictures that we've been getting in. FaceBook and Twitter you've been sending pictures like this is in the middle of Indiana and you can see all the trucks lined up on slippery roads even though the snow may have stopped in some locations. In the middle of the country were still dealing with slippery roads and black eyes. It's a real issue here and it now moves into the northeast here's some of the biggest snowfall totals we've been able to find so far central Illinois more than eighteen inches of snow Indianapolis by the way that seven point five inches of snow that is the biggest one -- snowfall they've had in about four years the middle of the country trying to clean up those roads in this morning right -- in Indianapolis are Alex Perez is their good morning Alex. Well good morning Sam right now here at Indianapolis it's -- a bitter cold -- black ice into a big concern in this massive storm is already causing problems at its next target the northeast. This morning Indianapolis is trying to get back on its feet after it was walloped by the wizard this city brought to a virtual standstill. The storm dumping more than seven inches of snow here -- residences struggled to dig out. To a couple leak and Arlene C -- those white out conditions -- seen applause the lower midwest stands in parts of southern Illinois more than else. Foot and that happens -- In Cleveland Ohio. Freezing rain. Turn -- -- canceling about 80% of flights in and out of Cleveland. Across Arkansas power lines snapped leaving nearly 200000. Customers in the dark. And in this south devastating tornadoes causing panic hasn't touched down. This surveillance video taken at a Walgreens in Mobile, Alabama officials a tornado ripping through the parking lot. Inside terrified customers is scrambling for cover. From Texas to Alabama. At least 34 tornadoes rumbled across the area -- this twister had winds of more than a 110 miles brawl were reflecting discharge and anything unlucky enough to be in its path. Into this morning the storm is bearing down in creating Havoc in the north east. In New York City wind gust of nearly fifty miles -- -- of state in buffalo almost a foot of snow. So here in the north it's still in the -- he says -- say they are already bracing and coping here in Indianapolis they're hoping to get back to working get as many things as possible. Back to normal Sam. And Alex so much the country affected by the storm system wanted to show you this as we started December we only -- 6% of the country -- -- snow. Now with the latest storm tracks we have 61%. Of the country. Covered in some kind of snowfall look at this it's unbelievable compared to where we work the first part of the month now this low -- -- -- said moves into the northeast and with that it has brought an icy layer as well some rain along the coastline and big totals of snow. -- inland areas that low continue to sit there and made for a little while longer so here's the snow -- the continues to fall today we're looking at more than a foot of snow -- that northern Vermont New Hampshire on -- in northern Maine that's good news for those folks most of continue to get a bit of snow in three to six inches in those areas that are close to cities like Portland Boston you're out of the snow also is New York City. That's good news -- you're not out of as the wind. As this will continue to sit there there will be 4050. In some cases sixty mile per hour winds in those red -- continuing all day long today on the backside of that area of low pressure. This will mean certainly some more travel up problems in spots not only with a slick road services. But the gusty winds and our John stripper is in Syracuse one of the places the continues to gets no good morning John. Well Sam good morning the snow here has not let up -- because this coming down so fast the clouds are having a tough -- trying to keep these roads clearly give me an idea just what it looks like we've got about an inch. Of two inches a fluffy snow still coding these roads as we have drivers coming bias right now and we got about a foot of snow on the ground right now and he snow drifts here. Take a look. These things are deep now it's not just travelers on the roads it's also flights that are grounded nationwide but. 350. Flights have been canceled already so far today. Over the past 48 hours more than 2500. Flights -- authorities say if you don't have to be out here stay home and be safe. Yeah and it's not just that snow falling but is that unseen -- thank you John we had 74 mile per hour wind -- out of the storm right on the Jersey Shore the places they didn't need it we'll see strong winds up to seventy miles per hour throughout the day.

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{"id":18073043,"title":"Blizzard Moves Toward Northeast","duration":"4:27","description":"After bringing record snowfall to mid-America, winter storm targets New York, New England.","url":"/GMA/video/blizzard-slams-indiana-moves-northeast-snow-storm-noreaster-18073043","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}