Boat-Racing Champion May Have Faked Death

Suspicions are raised that Andrew Biddle may have staged a crash to throw authorities off track.
2:08 | 08/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boat-Racing Champion May Have Faked Death
to welcome you to our family. We'll start on a very, very different note. This is a mystery involving a boat racing champion who appeared initially to have met his end in a terrible accident out on the water. But did he really? There are suspicions that Andrew Biddle faked his own death. Authorities questioning whether his spectacular crash was nothing but an elaborate scheme to throw them off track. ABC's Michelle Franzen has more on this investigation. Reporter: This morning, a nationwide manhunt for champion boater Andrew Biddle. Missing since a boating accident in mid-july. Police believe Biddle may have faked his own death to avoid criminal charges. On July 20th police say the father of two was with another racer Justin bell, riding in a pontoon boat near longport, new Jersey, when they hit a buoy and plowed into a jetty. Bell survived but that night a massive search called off just a day later, Tom Murphy witnessed the accident. The mostry kickous thing to pull off. Reporter: Officials now reveal Biddle is considered a wanted person and they believe that Mr. Biddle stained an incident to avoid prosecution. It's not illegal to fake your death. The problem is once you do it, you almost inevitably end up committing other crimes. By not showing up for court, not paying your taxes, fraud, et cetera. Reporter: According to prosecutors Biddle and his business and racing partner Tracy bloomen Steen have been indicted on multiple counts of theft by deception and fraud. When someone is facing criminal charges and he disappears, the authorities are going to be suspicious. Reporter: Court documents obtained by ABC news allege Biddle accepted a $20,000 down payment for a boat that he never supplied to the customer. Neither blumen Steen or Biddle's attorneys would comment on the investigations when we asked but Biddle, who has a stellar reputation on the water, may be in a world of trouble on land, that is if he is still alive. For "Good morning America," Michelle Franzen, ABC news, new York.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"Suspicions are raised that Andrew Biddle may have staged a crash to throw authorities off track.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24913205","title":"Boat-Racing Champion May Have Faked Death","url":"/GMA/video/boat-racing-champion-faked-death-24913205"}