Boeing Dreamliner Breaks Out in Flames in Boston

High-tech jetliner has suffered a string of incidents since being introduced in 2011.
2:20 | 01/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boeing Dreamliner Breaks Out in Flames in Boston
To the fire that broke out on a Boeing dreamliner at Logan International Airport in Boston. Right after passengers got off that -- the Japan airlines 787. Was parked at the gate. No one was injured but the fire was the latest in a string of incidents for the high tech new -- -- ABC's Jim -- is in Washington with the latest Jim good morning. Good morning -- few things are as frightening as smoke on an airplane but fortunately in this case. The only real damage was done to the reputation of Boeing's new dreamliner airplane. Firefighters at Boston's Logan field dousing smoke on the plane in the future Boeing 787 dreamliner. The plane made mostly of carbon five's a fancy name for class just a half an hour after an incident freelancing. Passengers -- -- playing normally through the jet bridge process but minutes later mechanic working in the cockpit have been JAL's -- Was confronted by smoke billowing from electrical systems in the belly of the plane we observed -- heavy smoke condition in the entire cabin but this is just the latest nightmarish incident for the dreamliner. Since its 2011. Now flying only six of them in the US. Last month the FAA ordered inspections of all 787. Potential fuel line -- on the same day a United Airlines 787. Was diverted to the closest airport. Because of a generator failure. And a similar fire broke out during test flights but the cutting edge airliner. This event occurred in that same avionics bay where they had problems before. So it raises a lot of questions which will be looked at very carefully. -- quickly as possible. But most aviation experts believe this is just a new plane. As I sign at the Boeing plant one that is using an entirely new design. Built differently with a new systems and materials and now going through a shake -- period. -- and be concerned is passenger is a very good airplane. But it's very advanced airplane is pushing the envelope. That in fact Boeing says it is helping its customer to try to find out what happened on this particular plane. The National Transportation Safety Board is also investigating. As a dreamliner tries to live up to its name. -- hopefully some answers to come to Matalin thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"High-tech jetliner has suffered a string of incidents since being introduced in 2011.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18159386","title":"Boeing Dreamliner Breaks Out in Flames in Boston","url":"/GMA/video/boeing-dreamliner-catches-fire-logan-international-airport-boston-18159386"}