New Book Uses Scented Pages to Evoke Emotions

"Together Is Better" features scents that evoke memories and feelings, plus Ali Wentworth joins "GMA" to discuss her new show, "Nightcap."
10:22 | 11/16/16

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Transcript for New Book Uses Scented Pages to Evoke Emotions
They're ready to. Well. What's good player and a little. You know what I have a questions everybody I'm. How many if you've ever told your kids anyway. George said Michael don't do it because of a free. I'll. He didn't show. It's not done on another reason why did. Asked and I am I never make anything close to that list as David Peri menopausal. When Jordan when Jordan made the list yesterday we put out the cut out. Didn't become home of the Chris Wagner became even more depressed and didn't play didn't. Now I'm gonna do now it might it might be something that makes you. With your chest held high in this one just hides under the bad news. But you never experienced it only here with Julia and a program here is talking to Alley about Julia him but are. Watch George volatile oh yeah. Yeah seven George can't be like yeah. Okay. Now we definitely got another did not immediately shuts out any to. They weren't that again. What he was just happened and had to do anyway glad yeah. This is and her two daughters. Like what do you go to the cronje played chest you know kind of yeah. But kids are sick this morning it wrong when I saw based timing George and I think raises else then. I wanna go to school all who know yeah what you do I I won't. Religions a BT they hadn't heard about this author Simon cynic yeah yet 29 million. On his tough talk 29 million due to this Tet pocket got this book it's called together is better. It has said it smells sounds and smells good it's betting for the first page smells like optimism. But what. Yeah they're yeah I don't think I'm smells are very high and I can't be there he. Did that sometimes when you first meet somebody that smell can attract GO my page 47 is George Stephanopoulos hypocrite. It smells they can remind me of a certain times I just wanna see America since the first is an outlet to take one and what tell me what you think. When you smell Vanilla. No you have to take it out all hands are getting. I'm baffled as well I can't I can't smell anything it's not like yeah mess you don't let it smells like. Begged them like cooking cakes that this reminds me warm yeah bring about a I don't know did you bring your memory could they say it's now the strongest sign that fat if you can. However there is always good yeah yeah I'd love. Fresh cut grass it reminds me of my childhood that it actually think yeah that's. Okay I'll climb K two we talk about Knight capital when he's dish everybody. Okay. A little clip it's a behind the scenes. Of one of the episodes of the very very high profile get it was it was a tough talking take a look. My cat is a half hour scripted comedy and it's behind the scenes of a late night talk show me he never go out on stage and never meet the coast. I hate all the dysfunction. That you. Broken toys that make a show why. Hell yeah. So I play an AC call on the talent Booker I'm married to my job I'm highly erotic. And I'll do anything to get talent to come on show you are lit. Like an Angel as written Alley wet or at my age and the creator of the show I start to show I write oh and I went executive producers on the show. We've had. Tons of celebrities online graces. Us. About she was George Stephanopoulos big deal about him getting generally yeah but can homeland here today because she wants would be years. There's a gotten every minute talk as it took fifteen years of marriage action to contain it and something I liked her and I. George Stephanopoulos asked no we look at end nobody asked him for anything no pictures you're gonna cry instruments whereas I Evanston. You know you work out there are only. Cold torrents. I don't think we're told me that her husband's thank you are backdrop for mentioning at all and it started this hearted in the Lenox you know Stephanopoulos and for the that's pathetic actually ever could you imagine what would you like. If our producers Jimmy trying to give me an excavation that's the probably better shell. It clear storage. Whale oil money. Listen I thought it was great to see exactly really what else can ask I wouldn't believe me Lester holt on home just. Worked out yeah. The host we never ever never got it just all is we all know being in the business is gonna say that you know behind the scenes of talking. Is it real showdown that you know the per be found the high and that rot. Yeah okay. In the states now. I like to explore that world and it's every school want to play a funny version themselves so I Sheehan risk argot chaotic at a fight she gets while my estimate. Michael J. Fox he gets shot at a can end I make out with Sarah Jessica Parker Eric. Art can't do on the sat. I was endeared yeah. How dare I can as an. That tape I had to take those are two girls and Sarah's boy out to dinner and we had a deep intense conversation about section. Takes your value and you are a lot of talk about it. Very digital vomit but it's it's a final rock and it's really fun to see people. Like Gwyneth Paltrow come on and play and needed money and you know get to do something else they don't normally get to do it basically be the people they are. Back behind the cart right before we just don't look at you go around you can't help bush. Have fun you know you're adorable. Parents would say that's true too. I think I like a nice that like I bake cookies for the crew no one's allowed to be mean it's it's my feeling is life is too short like let me have via. Oh we got star. And that's cool that's. Aaron a boxers gonna do my stuff. And then you know I don't know nobody's body at 5 in the morning they'll dobrynin. Yeah but even up pigeon georgians abide boxes right out he went yeah. Well I got really dire in Atlanta put the little one to them but the back in the treated juggle not only being their lead actress in it but also the executive producer on the writer how do you manage I love that let me tell you I think when you have an idea and you get to. Kind of see it come to fruition in every way pick wardrobe. You know the only thing I get a little when they talk about like budget and and likes union rules I don't Alec. Look much like he is right now please don't end up. It is they've also created some monsters at home our daughters and I think they're casting directors. Okay. Those two that we would I would look online at the videos have actors that would come in and they would sit there. And scrutinized like now that I like her lap that's it seems to me she's out my. It's yes they got very involved with that this bars they house. I'm not letting you know as women it's very nice given a little bit of power on the. Okay. Bloomberg Townshend mute mutually articles where all those different hats and greeting a telepathic. Also how sweet you are to Georgia the girls how you really are a great example showing us how. I am I gotta tell you I'm very I'm conflicted about spam like yeah I mean if if were shooting and that somebody has a flu. I united had to do this I'll be back in our cell. Yes family always comes burn and I think Stanley I made the four of you as well. Yeah. It's still would've got. Gotta think regulations could you are really been renewed for season two. Okay. Do. Make C check it out everybody ground. Grace yeah 8 o'clock right off the.

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{"duration":"10:22","description":"\"Together Is Better\" features scents that evoke memories and feelings, plus Ali Wentworth joins \"GMA\" to discuss her new show, \"Nightcap.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43566012","title":"New Book Uses Scented Pages to Evoke Emotions","url":"/GMA/video/book-scented-pages-evoke-emotions-43566012"}