Simone Biles thought 'DWTS' judges pulled 'a Steve Harvey' with elimination news

The Olympic gold medalist and her partner, Sasha Farber, discuss their surprising elimination from "Dancing With the Stars" on "Good Morning America."
4:17 | 05/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Simone Biles thought 'DWTS' judges pulled 'a Steve Harvey' with elimination news
"Dancing with the stars." Simone Biles and her partner Sasha were sent home and we'll speak to them in a moment but first Jesse palmer has the story. Good morning, Jesse. Good morning, Michael. This was a total shocker. Simone was not only a fan favorite but got two perfect scores last night and of course gave it her all since the very beginning. ??? Reporter: Simone Biles finally striking gold in the ballroom. First perfect score of the season. Reporter: Snagging a perfect score twice. 10. Reporter: The olympic juggernaut all smiles during her jovial jive despite those fiery comments to Tom Bergeron last week. I was waiting for you to smile at some of the compliments. You didn't. Smiling doesn't win you gold medals. Reporter: Biles apparently taking the hint. ??? Reporter: But it was short-lived. Simone and Sasha. Reporter: They were sent home just shy of the finals. And now all eyes are on the final three pairs, norman and Val and David and Lindsay along with David and -- Thank you so much. Robin. We are fortunate to have Simone Biles and Sasha Farber, they are here this morning. Yes, yes, yes. You know, were you shocked last night and even on the faces of the judges, so were you as surprised as we were when you heard your name call? I think so. I thought they were going to pull a Steve Harvey on us. At least I was hoping. But it's okay. Oh, boy. Had to be, Sasha. I can see you were rubbing her back when you were waiting to hear the results and you had such a perfect results. If you're going to go out you go Outen a night like that. I'm so proud of Simone and she's grown into this beautiful dancer now and I feel like it's all about growth and she did exactly that. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. You talked about the growth. I was touched when you had the balance beam out there for one of the routines and that's a little bit emotion for you because that was a time in the olympics and you didn't do your absolute best at that point and to have that moment again and go, I'm back. Exactly. I mean I was sad I couldn't get on it but that definitely wasn't going to work but I love the rumba we had to do. It was fun. It was my favorite. And the paso Doble trio but you were criticized for dancing too perfectly. Come on. I mean, is it just us or -- I mean -- Literally. Do you feel like you were unfairly criticized sometimes? At times I think the expectations were a little bit different for each contestant and it's hard to follow Laurie. I feel like they wanted me pick up where she left off which is very hard because we're two different people but I had an amazing time on the show and it was exciting. You did have an amazing show. I love the t-shirts. Ki get one of those? Thank you. Show them the t-shirts they were wearing. Smiling doesn't win gold medals. Were you surprised that it went viral like. That I was very surprised. Oh, my god, I just never get out of the news. Come on, Simone, stop. It ended up being a controversial comment for a lot of people so do you think it helped you get votes or took votes away? I think it was a positive spin if anything. There was a couple of negative comments that we saw but, you know, you just dismiss it, like. Eh. That's fine. You got the summer off now. I know. I do. You were so happy and saying this is the first time in a long time no gymnastics. What are you going to do? You were alluding to -- I might bug him on tour a little bit. We'll see. I'm not exactly sure. But I'm definitely going to go on some family vacation, take some time off and be Normal. What you deserve and good luck to your fiancee. She's still in it and could win the mirror ball trophy. Thank you both for being here. I appreciate it. Guys, don't miss "Dancing with the stars" two-night finale starting Monday at 8:00 eastern

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"The Olympic gold medalist and her partner, Sasha Farber, discuss their surprising elimination from \"Dancing With the Stars\" on \"Good Morning America.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47430389","title":"Simone Biles thought 'DWTS' judges pulled 'a Steve Harvey' with elimination news","url":"/GMA/video/simone-biles-thought-dwts-judges-pulled-steve-harvey-47430389"}