Born to Dance: The Breakdancing Kid

Twelve-year-old Jalen Testerman balances school, practice before big breakdancing competition.
5:54 | 04/21/14

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Transcript for Born to Dance: The Breakdancing Kid
-- To quote the Talking Heads -- -- -- party. This ain't no Disco. If you thought as we did that freak dancing died alongside parachute pants in the nineteen. -- for in Hyde Park awakening. The dancers call themselves -- deep -- but most are grown men except one in the little guy whose schools the bulk. When he's not. Dealing tester minister told -- head spinning phenomenon. It was just body when he became hooked on the dance scenes and scene in the movie you've got served. He danced his -- -- out of diapers and got so good so fast. He would soon none -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Spezza who's who's the coolest between Oprah -- you know -- yeah. Yeah. -- goes by the name G styles. There's twelve year old -- he has plenty. -- spent three days with him and his family shuttling between school and practice leading up to a big competition. We wanted to find out what turns a normal -- into an unstoppable acrobat. Fun competitions and traveled the world from -- to Korea. Is there anything that makes you nervous -- that scares you words and. Yeah it would be taken after. Palisades pretty much cut down -- -- -- The family's small homes south of Seattle is devoted to dance and discipline. There. Few were surprised it's not because the family believes -- -- will be able to make a living -- to break dance -- Palin's father and full time coach says it's all about putting these kids on the right -- something minute running up on the rough streets of LA. You don't have respect you don't have manners. No one's gonna like Q. S and the reason I know that because I grew up that way and no one liked me. The after school routine is always the same feeling his little brother and sister get home and quickly fuel up on PBJ's. -- -- -- -- Then -- street to work monkeys jumped -- everything. It's been going nonstop aren't you just wiped out. It's and. -- really on his father says he was worried about just one thing injury. Because I think what. He does -- such a young -- so strenuous on his body that I wanted to make sure that he was physically. Ready. I'm listening I'm looking you know I and I wanna consider myself a -- -- famous consider myself my while non. And on this night the entire family is headed into Seattle for a competition called. That's sweet sixteen. Huge dance off for sixteen of the region's top. This -- wild but there's no alcohol no smoking just hundreds and dancing it's -- creative. -- you couldn't get over the fact that we'd never heard of this global. Backstage dealing readies himself. Is it weird being up against a grown man you're the only one here sitting on his mom's lap apparently goes to compete. Doesn't matter to me one meddling kids adults and I'm always I'm actually pretty in Savannah and ever since I was a kid -- always -- -- don't. It's a quick prayer program. How while with dead and then he's in it don't -- Editor. At 51. And one dead center vote for a wild crowd. They treat short routines before a panel of judges. Zealand wins his first battle. But -- the field narrows and the competition heats up. Good night ultimately. Doesn't -- If you go to that judges. Okay. I can beat anybody but it seemed like tonight wasn't my game. Salt content is typical home like those just normal doesn't -- changes weren't hiring next it's like an accident. I think -- thanks. -- His father is frustrated by the loss but focused on bigger things for -- sun media career in choreography or acting. Definitely a dance called college. I still -- little choked up every time. For all battles is just like watching all his -- contributed -- confidence in the world. Just look -- I'm Neal Karlinsky for Nightline. In Seattle.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Twelve-year-old Jalen Testerman balances school, practice before big breakdancing competition.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23409030","title":"Born to Dance: The Breakdancing Kid","url":"/GMA/video/born-dance-breakdancing-kid-23409030"}