'Born Schizophrenic'

Susan and Michael Schofield deal with a second child with mental illness.
3:04 | 05/12/14

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Transcript for 'Born Schizophrenic'
This is a typical morning. -- body was released from the hospital he's not a school obviously it's difficult to get out of the apartments. Whenever he -- little -- who spends most of his time. Watching. Videos on -- to. And nursery rhymes ABC songs are kind of things finally she's not hurting themselves. Who's. Solenoid cruising -- in the -- who wants to do just like you can speak of he wants but. If he doesn't. We've had all kinds of issues with VMware. -- -- -- -- -- With -- -- vending machine -- don't pressure -- -- -- our nation's -- acting independently. And at all or -- but there are currently sitting. Your friends or non county he looked around -- let's. -- remind me Gator. Janine is saying -- this conversation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And service change constantly engaged. -- is -- mourning his might be out in the war yeah that is its struggle to get him. I really feel. My roles in their lives. -- reverse. Two years ago. I was focused on running interference which in between her oral -- now it's completely reversed. Now. From running interference nobody not between Brodie and our world that the team -- so. I asked to protect -- -- -- rule himself. Yeah. I first started skiing -- because he would come at a hospital visits when his sister was in the hospital. And it was clear when he was quite young -- he had signs. It was something different. Than what -- So bode is behaviors. -- and psychiatric issues. Are all consistent with what you see was someone who has -- Voting for starting coming to -- spun round a year ago he 'cause he would have episodes of severe education. In severest self harm and no hitter movies and would be falling down and hurting themselves we're fighting himself. Nine. Making -- the most distressing -- handle. Was not his education but was believed to still be here. Don't.

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{"id":23685923,"title":"'Born Schizophrenic'","duration":"3:04","description":"Susan and Michael Schofield deal with a second child with mental illness.","url":"/GMA/video/born-schizophrenic-23685923","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}