Boston on Lockdown After Shootout

Public transit, businesses and schools are all closed while police search for a missing suspect.
1:41 | 04/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston on Lockdown After Shootout
That Boston is a city on lockdown right now the situation so tense overnight that one of our own ABC news producers. Was apprehended by police and detained and questioned. ABC's -- Davis is there with our producer Megan choose not. A good morning to both Lindsay and Megan and -- set the scene for us we know that obviously it's understandably. Tense there tell -- what happens. Good morning Jamie the word from police -- situation in Watertown is grave than it is indeed where about a half mile away from where that shoot -- took place only a few miles away from both Harvard and -- both of them are closed today along with area universities. Colleges all of Boston Public Schools closed today. Subways and buses in Boston suspended until further notice automated messages went out to people early this morning about 250. Telling them to stay at home that there'd been an incident we're talking about an area of people including about 2151000. People. Told to stay at home business owners in Watertown told to keep their businesses closed today so you. Intense here members of media told to stay off of their cell phones in certain areas because it was a -- give the appearance that they would potentially be detonating a bomb our own. Megan experienced this firsthand this tension tell us about what happened. That's right I -- -- walking with my camera trying to get a better sense of where the swat teams were all congregating. When all of a sudden three officers swarmed to leave their guns drawn forced -- to the ground. And told me that they were suspicious of my backpack and thought it might -- the suspect. Had to be terrified. Hart -- and it was like times did spell. Thank you we are going head -- that that you are safe and everybody in this area trying to stay safe and certainly a heightened sense of of awareness this more.

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{"id":18996030,"title":"Boston on Lockdown After Shootout","duration":"1:41","description":"Public transit, businesses and schools are all closed while police search for a missing suspect.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-bombers-mit-shootout-boston-lockdown-shootout-18996030","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}