Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect in Custody

Citizens of Boston help police locate wanted suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.
4:41 | 04/20/13

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Transcript for Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect in Custody
He has a blow by blow account now of how this arrest went down -- emergency. Good morning then the capture was dramatic and quick. Authorities said they had brought justice of the victims of the marathon bombings and turned despair into the life. -- internally grateful for the outcome here tonight we have a suspect because -- Just 25 minutes after officials lifted a day long lockdown -- residents and conceding the suspect probably got away. A Watertown resident went out to walk his dog and noticed blood on the side of his boat stored -- a trailer in the back. Driveway he looked -- -- -- covered with blood he retreated and called us yeah. Police and the FBI roared back -- -- A helicopter with infrared sensors detected movement in the -- Okay -- the only aircraft that they're here. The settlement the -- Ninety year old Joseph far short -- -- Had evaded the massive police manhunt by hiding in the -- until that. Oh yeah we have -- bullet hit the boat. -- -- -- Police and the suspect exchanged fire. Ultimately the hostage rescue team the FBI made an entry into the -- Game removed the suspect weakened by his injuries from a -- -- with police the night before -- -- -- was unable to put up much resistance. -- second subject was taken alive this will really ensure accountability for the victims and their Stanley. The Boston Police announce their success the victory tweaked. Captured the hunt is over the searches done. The terror is over and justice has one suspect in custody. -- I was brought here to the Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston. Or state authorities say he is in serious but stable condition -- on the. Brian thank you meantime thousands of federal and local law enforcement officers were desperately all week to -- in this case. But in the end it was a tip from the public that did it ABC's Elizabeth Vargas was in Boston for that vandalism -- the public hasn't part of -- from the beginning. It sure has be on -- in this case. One million plus people in Boston the surrounding areas have been under lockdown for the entire day must've been a frustrating day. They Wear the all clear -- to -- was lifted and just 25 minutes later. One man in Watertown went into his backyard to walk the dog -- get a breath of fresh air for the first time all day. And that's when he spotted something significant. We didn't know -- going on and then we heard all the initial gunfire. Overnight -- were startled by the surge of swat teams and gunfire that came less than an hour after police lifted the curfew on Watertown it's unbelievable you know I was cooped up in my house -- And almost 24 hours yes. Wonder if the guy I was in my backyard it was the vigilance of the Boston suburbs and David -- -- which captures -- cars are giant. -- -- -- found the man police calls to expect -- to hiding in a boat. In his backyard. He looked at the vote and there were some things moved around so that's very strange neighbor Jorge -- spoke exclusively with ABC about his friends courage. And his -- nice buying blood on the boat while getting some fresh air to anyone anywhere else in. It would be OCO that it wouldn't partner mr. girl inside a badly wounded but still dangerous our diet. Whom police quickly engage in -- volley of gunfire. Very rapid fire and hands you know explosions in the grenades and one I -- outside. NN almost within a few minutes I heard the gunshot. And knew it wasn't just a couple it was 4050 miles. It's -- -- it was finally subdued alive. Officers rushed the suspected -- to a waiting ambulance -- residents of this town finally emerging from their ordeal showering police with cheers. And support. We're resilient with strong -- -- together will be about will be. Boston strong with a chant we heard all night long here is people who have been locked in all day -- Spell out into the streets spilled out into the streets until late last night celebrating the arrest. Of this and Boston suspect in the bombing suspect number two down in downtown Boston we still have. Much of the streets blocked off because this is still where the bombing took place it's an active crime scene. But for much of the other parts of the suburbs -- will be the all clear many the events canceled last night Dan will be rescheduled today including the Bruins game the Red Sox game and hopefully the Big -- --

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{"id":19005715,"title":"Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect in Custody","duration":"4:41","description":"Citizens of Boston help police locate wanted suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-bombing-suspect-custody-19005715","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}