Former Classmate of Bombing Suspect: He Was A 'Nice, Funny Guy'

Sierra Schwartz went to school with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and says he never seemed suspicious.
5:15 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Former Classmate of Bombing Suspect: He Was A 'Nice, Funny Guy'
Joining us now at this hour is Sierra Schwartz she went to Cambridge range in Latin school with the suspect number -- usual course are Nayef. She apparently -- acting classes with the suspects Sierra thanks for joining us this morning tell us what you know about suspect number tip. Accord. But I got high school -- and then he would always Barry you know night kind of funny I -- that this. Incredibly shocking absolutely. Horrifying. You know he was quiet. -- guy but a very nice you know it it even you know weird use that word now of course but. He he he never he -- kind of person that could ever do that. -- did you know anything about his background about his family. No nothing at all. Heat he went I just aren't high school so it was a nickname we felt differently but the fact that he now. You just -- normal yeah. Sierra this is George Stephanopoulos thank you for joining us this morning we've been told that he was here since about the age. Seven what more could you tell us about -- -- -- -- speak with an accent how americanized. YC did he ever talk about where he came from. Not -- not really all I mean that we act -- -- -- very diverse buried. Open in accepting we just kind of he never get on top of that not at all he it's pretty anti American I get. Sierra this Josh -- can you tell us anything about his family did he ever speak of them and did you ever see them. -- -- I never get. I never heard about that -- heard about them. Tell tell us what he was like a school you told us he was slightly -- but he was an acting classes -- -- What kind of a student was see what did he have a lot of -- give us a sense of. Yes he had he had a lot of friends. He was relatively you know I like sky lot of knowledge. He kept you know he got a lot of honors class when he got a scholarship he was not someone that was. You know not didn't try heartbeat he did try hard and Michael. Did he trap how much did he ever miss school a lot of folks now are looking to see if whether or not he may have been traveling back and forth if he went back. Home to Russia -- -- -- connection back to his homeland. -- will almost definitely -- and you know we all just thought meant another guy ever I don't have had ever really saying I need. He would -- and it warned that the black great it was never like he'd he'd he'd never -- -- -- better leader anything's salad it's very shocking for all of us. Sierra when when those pictures came out. Last night -- did you recognize right away. I immediately -- at the time Mary gill rumor that he had been identified as you know from brown. I'm no one went missing. But I thought -- -- This picture in picture of the puck back and I was like wow that looks just like to -- up here. And I want -- -- but and I looked her hand and I noticed that debate that had been depleted. What was the last time what was the last time you saw him and you know what happened to him after high school any information at all. I'm well I know he went to college I believe but I don't remember where -- I saw him I hate him. -- in Cambridge she got the summer before it went to college this summer 2011. And it's like I had -- -- he -- the Hawaii Cambridge's but that I can't close community I go out there closed buried at earth and he never -- out of the ordinary at all though that it does not someone who would. You know he troubled high -- I -- you know he was just one of us. And when you saw the information here. Last night were did you call the police did you reach out to hammer or other friends or anyone -- -- and. I'm no better because we were told at a time the media -- We're it was wrong and that he would someone out -- a lot of my friends and I who recognize stand up act. Net zero what is and he parents did you ever meet and where they ever involved in this -- What about here on out are. I I didn't even know he had a brother to us here he was also -- accomplished wrestler. What will. Was he -- how would you just -- That's at least be a part of a team was he how how good what do you look what's what an athlete -- he did deficits and that. He -- every athlete. You know he he did well he I think he -- -- scholarship for it. You know I have reported in very unexpected. Cambridge is number you know having the money -- -- it. -- unit that -- -- amazing -- -- that this out of the ordinary absolutely. Completely stopped. Sierra so he was an honor student a star athlete who had a lot of friends and what is your reaction to seeing what we're looking at right now he is the most wanted man. In America right now. I'm Walt a lot I woke up it was like a living and I hear -- It it can't be that -- Eight. I'm just really hope that cat head and I wanted to say that anyone he or she got to the killer -- -- -- called police because. We all -- -- for four -- but not something a lot of people can't that -- now. Well Sierra Schwartz we appreciate your time with us this morning thanks for shedding some light. On this young man this nineteen year old Joseph Carson and AM from.

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{"id":18996645,"title":"Former Classmate of Bombing Suspect: He Was A 'Nice, Funny Guy'","duration":"5:15","description":"Sierra Schwartz went to school with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and says he never seemed suspicious.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-bombing-suspects-classmate-nice-funny-guy-18996645","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}