Marathon Bombing Suspects' Uncle: 'We Are Ashamed'

Ruslan Tsarni says he last saw his nephews in December 2005.
5:40 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Marathon Bombing Suspects' Uncle: 'We Are Ashamed'
We have heard directly from the uncle who lives in Maryland has given a press conference let us tell you right now what he said because he addressed them. If it -- I would -- by the hand and make them any associated. I want to start. -- -- -- First the only purpose here is just the Geneva. Indulgences. She gave me it would -- -- big and those -- -- murdered. Those who have been injured this. Bullying based Chinese film. -- 29 years old. -- I don't demand that anything -- just been following days I've been following it from -- from day one but never -- Would imagine. That somehow. -- children -- of my brother would be associated with them. So it is a trusted to it. Witness stated it was shot. I don't know this family does not know how to share did beat. We didn't feel victims. -- -- -- Over Atlanta -- -- -- I don't know we have not been with that's intact with that family -- number of years. Did anybody Cambodia's full -- Let me answer no they never leave Vietnam today never lived here the last time -- last time I saw that was 2006. That's what I'm so -- December 2005. Did you ever know them to have any ill will toward the united -- now know. I never knew and -- emphatic yes plus now. I would just that made them myself anyway what I think provoked us. And. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- able to settle themselves. These young division I can't imagine anything else. Anything else to do with religion quick -- At that brought -- that they. -- military training you know. Now heads not -- again I've seen them when they -- it was an inexperienced he got. I don't know they're wasting their money into but you. Let Muslims like kitchen what if tensions. -- -- -- That happened Mozilla could somebody radicalize them but it's not my brother. -- -- We didn't read that they -- -- -- big thing. It didn't have. I mean look kids look anything options like it's been -- king -- could. -- hold -- -- they have little or no I -- I don't know why anybody would I might read -- -- -- I don't know anything about that again until we're. No -- my family this has nothing to -- that envelope -- I -- But -- me. My mind and then they -- -- what a shame. Yes what a shame that children of my brother when an employee had little influence over them -- -- much as I know -- let little influence of them. Everything on the -- Personal political personal -- why didn't like I just. A lot of emotion right there any outgoing young men suspects these Boston Marathon bombing of course one still on the -- David -- ABC's Jim Curley was there at that press conference. So a lot of intensity -- David. They are really -- through with the almost bordering on anger at that you just very very angry. Bit do that -- are implicated in the thick didn't it. He talked at the end of that -- covered he didn't hear you without the what you think about America needs both very glowingly and proud about being. In America. Heck if I didn't hear Willie -- hoping that the father of the -- suspect. Apparently second Russian now you that his brother. Had -- cars for years to put bread on their vehicle and I happened near the end that he used that term losers bit in referring theory is that your nephew -- -- happened. What he meant by that -- -- are getting more generally that anybody who would do something like this. Were looters and -- I think you've probably heard. Deeply believe that somehow -- self radicalized. I would doubt whether the you know you -- They've brought shame just not on. The deadly game but ethnic Chechens did well in about whether they might have been involved with any kind of -- -- separatist movement that he -- Neither of them has ever been this. Yes you know -- view -- thank you saw variant passed it. And I would say you know just really distraught. -- his family as. No apparently involved he put it happened about. Yes he called it an atrocity David and he went out of his way to say that anyone talks about their religion in connection with this this is a fraud -- has nothing to do of their religion. Yet but I mean he he has a month what. Month on the -- That is his point it would divert from the main -- before that. People who carry out being in the name of his -- In this violent way get the complete fraud it has nothing to do with his religion. And he was very happy about that -- welcome.

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{"id":18998319,"title":"Marathon Bombing Suspects' Uncle: 'We Are Ashamed'","duration":"5:40","description":"Ruslan Tsarni says he last saw his nephews in December 2005.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-bombing-suspects-uncle-says-we-are-ashamed-18998319","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}