Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was on Terror Watch List

Members of Congress are frustrated that the alleged bomber was on the radar of both FBI and CIA.
1:28 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was on Terror Watch List
And we've learned that the younger brother went silent this morning after talking to police for hours. Abc's pierre thomas has the latest on this from washington. What can you tell us, pierre? Reporter: Good morning, ro after roughly 16 hours of interrogation, dzhokhar had his initial appearance before the magistrate in his hospital room on monday. At this point, it was made clear to him he had a constitutio right to remain silent. He exercised it. That's why they stretched out the interrogation as long as they did without reading him the miranda rights. The premium on getting information on another attack, robin. The older brother was killed in the shoot-out, not on one but two federal terror watch lists before his trip to russia last year. What's the latest on that? Reporter: What's frustrating members of congress is that the older brother, tamerlan, was on the radar of both the fbi and the cia. The russians contacted the fbi in march of 2011, concerned he was becoming a radical. The fbi investigated, looking at known associations, phone records, internet postings and interviewed him. But they found no negative information. They closed the case. The fbi said they contacted the russians forional information, got no response. In september, the russians contacted the cia, same information. The cia informed the fbi. Initiated action that got tamerlan on a watch list. The russians were contacted by the fbi. Again, the fbi says the russians did not respond, robin. I know you're going to stay on top of this for us, pierre. Thanks very much.

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{"id":19039051,"title":"Tamerlan Tsarnaev Was on Terror Watch List","duration":"1:28","description":"Members of Congress are frustrated that the alleged bomber was on the radar of both FBI and CIA.","url":"/GMA/video/boston-marathon-bombing-update-tamerlan-tsarnaev-terror-watch-19039051","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}