Brad Pitt 'Crushed' in Interviews Over Chanel Ad

Actor jokingly says his now-famous ads were a popular topic while promoting "Killing Them Softly."
5:09 | 11/29/12

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Transcript for Brad Pitt 'Crushed' in Interviews Over Chanel Ad
And great to have elizabeth vargas here. We're going to hear about the chanel ads, which josh really loved. Yes. He leads this amazingly talented cast in this new movie. James gandolfini, you saw in a moment. We have our chat. "killing them softly." He plays a brutally efficient, but squeamish mob hit man. And we shared about the chanel ads and took a walk down memory lane. Actor, producer, philanthropist and fourth of six, brad pitt is here to talk about his new film, "killing them softly." It opens this friday. I want to read you something a critic from "the guardian" wrote that hit it. This is an ensemble of middle management mobster incompetence. Complaining of having to clean up the mess for far less money than they'd hoped for. That's pretty good. I like that. You are brutally efficient at your job. But you don't like feeling. Let's look at a clip here. Ever killed anyone? No. I'm getting touchy-feely. Touchy-feely? Emotional. They cry. They beg. They plead. They call for their mothers. It's embarrassing. I like to kill them softly. It's business, you know? They're nice guys. You know, they're nice guys. They've been really -- you know, they're not bad people. They just stepped out of line. They went against the rules. And fired. It's a violent movie. It doesn't hold back on the violence. But it's not, like, you know, there's three deaths in the whole thing. But it's also funny. I think so. How would you characterize this? Would you call it a black come comedy? There's some black humor in it. But I consider it an intelligent drama. With a few dark laughs in there. A guy told me you come in here a lot around this time of day. So, I came in. I don't know who you are. Very few guys do. You handled a gun pretty well in this. Well, you know, I'm no stranger to guns. We grew up with them. It's kind of a rite of passage in the ozarks. In the ozarks. I spent a lot of time in the ozarks. Is that right? You and I were both at the university of missouri at the same time. That is correct. I did my homework. And I dug up pictures of you and me. Really? Let's show brad a picture of himself in college. There you are. Oh, man. Yeah. THE '80s WERE HARD ON A LOT OF Us. This is a picture of me. I'm rockin' the bow blouse. And the rita kayla unibrow. We can lose that now. What's going on here? It's a bow blouse. Don't you remember -- okay. We can lose the photo now, guys. It's a little scary, looking BACK AT THOSE '80s PHOTOS. You know, both our hair cuts are -- two inches longer than they were. Is that scary or what? Now, I have to ask you. Did you see the "snl" send up on your chanel commercial? No. I hear it's good. It's funny. Dreams take over. And the dreams, wake up and smile at reality. I'm sorry. Is there really no script? Do you have a sense of humor about the whole thing? It's fair play. It's all fair. We did -- I did press all day yesterday. And I was getting crushed. You were? Crushed. Why? What were they saying? Just that. 'S the -- a hot topic. You're designing furniture now? Just for a lark. Over the last 20 years, I played around with it. When my mind's heavy or I'm distracted. Like designing? Drawing? Doodling? Yeah. And decided to get serious about it a few years ago with a friend of mine. And tried some things out. And harrison ford, he was a carpenter. I think he crafts them himself. I pay somebody. You're not the building guy? You're not out there with the hammer? I'd like to. All right. Well, brad pitt, happy holidays. What are you going to do for christmas? We don't know yet. We'll figure that out when we finish up work next week. You can take some time off? Good luck to you. Okay. Thank you. And happy holidays. Okay. Pitt told me he and angelina spent most of their time at the base camp in france. By the way, he speaks no french. He's limited to, mai oui, which means, but yes. They tried it in "killing it softly." It didn't work in the movie. They did give it a shot. The movie, by the way, opens on friday. And he is really phenomenal in it.

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{"id":17836935,"title":"Brad Pitt 'Crushed' in Interviews Over Chanel Ad","duration":"5:09","description":"Actor jokingly says his now-famous ads were a popular topic while promoting \"Killing Them Softly.\"","url":"/GMA/video/brad-pitt-chanel-ad-interview-2012-crushed-killing-17836935","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}