Breast Cancer Poll Highlights Confusion

ABC News survey shows that a majority of women aren't talking to doctors about breast cancer.
1:40 | 10/01/13

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Transcript for Breast Cancer Poll Highlights Confusion
We're going pink for breast cancer awareness month. Raising awareness all october long. Lots planned for our next hour. And this morning, we have a brand-new abc news poll about breast cancer. And dr. Richard besser is here to break it down. Glad you're here to help us kick it off. Men and women. It's not just women affected by breast cancer. And interesting stats with this poll. It shows the majority of women do not talk to their doctors about breast cancer. This is a big finding. There was a big difference in breast cancer screening, based on whether a woman talked to her doctor about breast cancer. For women over 50, 86% of the women who talked to their doctor had a mammogram. For women who did not talk to their doctor, 20% fewer of them were screened. Starting at age 40, you have to start having that conversation about when you want to get your mammogram. Yeah. I'd love to do it. But I can't afford it. Our abc news poll found a big difference based on income. 64% of women who lived in a household that earned at least $40,000 were screened. 45% of women were screened with less than $25,000 of household income. And health care coverage provides for mammograms. And talk about the new drug. It's the first drug the fda approved for use before a woman had surgery. Women who get this, when they have surgery, they have fewer cancer cells there. The hope is longer survival. We have to see what the studies show. Very promising. Thank you for helping us kick it off, rich. We appreciate it very much.

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{"id":20430049,"title":"Breast Cancer Poll Highlights Confusion ","duration":"1:40","description":"ABC News survey shows that a majority of women aren't talking to doctors about breast cancer.","url":"/GMA/video/breast-cancer-poll-highlights-confusion-20430049","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}